The strategy I am going to be discussing in this article won't make you rich but if you apply the principles I will share with you, you can definitely create a nice little stream of extra revenue every month. The beauty of this system is that most of the work will be automated so it will not require much of your time. It will take a little time every time you make a sale to complete the order but it will be easy.

This strategy is something I found on an internet marketing forum a couple of days ago and it really interests me. It's about how to make money on Fiverr. If you haven't heard of fiverr, I'll explain what it is in this paragraph. If you already know what Fiverr is, skip to the next paragraph. Fiverr is a site that allows you to post gigs and services you can offer for 5 dollars. People then see your gigs and if they're interested they will pay you 5 bucks for you to complete whatever service it is you are offering. Fiverr keeps 1 dollar and you net 4 dollars from the transaction. It's a nice way to make a little extra money every month.

Here is how the system works. First, you need to find some kind of service you could offer and automate. It has to be something that is in demand. You need to realize that a lot of the users on Fiverr, the customers I mean, are internet marketers, or webmasters, etc... So it's a good idea to target your offer to them. Here's the secret to this system: first, there are a lot of activities involved in internet marketing and owning your own business that are really time-consuming and repetitive and just plain boring that people will gladly hire others to do for them. The reason this idea works is that there is also a lot of software available on the net that you could either buy or get for free that automates these tasks and can do them for you. A good example of a repetitive task that can be automated using free or paid software is building backlinks. People don't necessarily enjoy building backlinks for themselves but if you know anything about SEO you know how important backlinks are to ranking in the search engines. There is software that can build backlinks and it is automated. The key is to use a software that will not spam your links elsewhere but will do in a legitimate way. You are trying to build a mini business here so it's important to do things the right way. There are other great ideas of tasks you could automate for other people like submitting their articles to hundreds of article directories for example. These are just 2 examples but use your creativity to see what kind of software you could buy that would automate some service that people would be interested in buying.

Once you have figured out what service you will offer, post your gig up on Then, make sure you already have the software necessary to do the work and make sure your system is set up so that it is automated and it won't require a lot of your time. That's the key here because you are trying to build a stream of passive or semi-passive income.

The next step is the hardest. You need to promote your gig on fiverr like crazy! It won't sell itself. So, this actually requires work on your part but you won't have to do this forever. You need to get a lot of sales so people will rate your gig positively. That's why it's important that you do the job right too every single time so people will give you a good rating on fiverr. Again, it's important that you do not spam the internet while promoting your gigs . Be very careful about this because it could get you into a lot of trouble. Make sure you do this the right way. We're building a business here.

So, do whatever you can to promote the heck out of your fiverr gig. Good examples of this would be forum marketing where you would pitch your fiverr gig in your signature file at the bottom of every forum post you make. If you already know how this works, skip this paragraph. If you don't know how to do forum marketing, I'll explain it to you here. Forum marketing is simple. The first thing you need to do is read the rules of the forum you plan on marketing to. Each forum has it's own rules about what is allowed in a sig file. You need to sign up to several forums in your niche that will have potential customers for you there. For example, if you're offering a backlinking service on fiverr, look for internet marketing forums. Then, set up your signature file by finding how to do that in your profile on the forum. It will say something like edit signature. Write something that will make people want to buy from you in that sig file. You have to be careful with this because some internet marketing forums do not allow you to create a sig file right away. Sometimes, you'll need to build a little credibility first by making helpful posts in the forum and starting good threads too. Other forums allow you to add a sig file(signature file) right away. The next thing you need to do is create value for people in existing threads or create your own helpful threads. Again, I am 100 percent anti-spam so don't just create posts and threads if you have nothing meaningful to add on there. Provide real value. You need to give before you can get. So give, give, and give on these forums and make sure your sig file is there underneath each one of your posts. Help others with their problems and questions. Just get out there and help people. If you actually are helping people, they'll be curious and they'll check out your sig file and some will buy your service.

There are other ways of promoting your fiverr gig too and I'm sure other people have written tons of articles about that already so just do a google search for it. I may write an article about how to promote your fiverr gigs in an article actually so stay tuned and subscribe to my rss feed.

Once you have made your first couple of sales, keep doing what you're doing because it's obviously working. If you're not making any sales, you either need to change your marketing strategy in other words find a new way to promote your gig or maybe the gig you are offering is just not something people are interested in buying.

Eventually, once you have made enough sales, you'll quickly realize that your gig is pretty much selling itself. People are finding your gig on their own and all the work you have put into promoting the gig has hit a critical mass level and you can stop promoting now.

Now, all you have to do is sit back as this thing sells itself and complete the orders by using your automated software.

It's as simple as that and it works.

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