This is a guide aimed at people who like to play Runescape. Runescape is a MMO and the currency is gold. In the game, there are many ways to accumulate and make gold. Starting out, you are pretty clueless as to how to make a lot. There is a way to make at least 1 million gold a week.

Things You Will Need

1.) Mining pick 2.) Coal 3.) 170,000 gold

Step 1

You can get 1 million gold the hard way and simply mine a lot of expensive ores. The best ore to mine, since it is abundant and many people need it is Coal. You can sell 1,000 coal for 200,000. The amount of time it takes to mine that much is not worth it. I would suggest doing it at least once so that you have some investment capital for the main way to get money.

Step 2

After you have accumulated 170,000 gold using the long way, it is time to start making some money. There are a lot of worlds in Runescape. I would suggest logging into a world where the population number is low, but not too low. Now go to a market square where people are selling coal. Be sure to not target people selling a lot of 1,000. This is where the profit comes in. You will be buying small lots of coal, anywhere from 10-300. You want to try and get odd lots of coal. When someone offers such an odd lot, say 64 coal, offer less than 200 per coal. You will ultimately sell the lot of 1,000 coal for 200 each. By buying these odd lots of coal for less than that, you will make a profit in the end. Most people will be surprised if you buy a low amount of coal, say 12, for a 100 gold each. You can usually get away with making offers of 70 gold for such small lots. This may take some time so try and focus on the slightly larger lots of about 100 coal. The key is to offer less than 200 gold per coal and then turn around and sell a lot of 1,000 coal for 200 each. Typically you can expect to make anywhere from 100.000 profit (if you buy very small lots for super cheap) to 50,000 profit. After you make around 5 million gold, you will be able to buy more expensive ores and repeat the process.

Tips & Warnings