Make a bear out of denim, and you can have a raggedy recycled bear, kids love these!. This is a great way to use up your old denim jeans. The softer and more worn the better. Instead of throwing out those jeans, try recycling them into little craft projects.

It is amazing what you can make from pieces of jeans, the parts can be cut out of different denim legs to create the perfect soft and cuddly teddy.

Things You Will Need

To make a bear (as pictured)denim raggedy bear

You will need a easy to use stuffed bear pattern

A few pair of old but clean jeans you no longer want

A denim sewing needle for your machine

A washing machine and dryer (this helps to make the raggedy fringe)

soft acrylic stuffing

sharp scissors

Step 1

1. Find a stuffed bear pattern, that is not too big. Remember, you are using the denim from your old jeans for the fabric and need enough denim to lay the patterns out, so start with a small bear.

2. Layout your jeans on the table and cut up the seams and fold out flat. It might be easier to cut the legs off right near the top and use the two opened out legs for your denim fabric.

3. For a more rustic look, you can use different shades of denim from different jeans to make a bear.

4. Once you have your denim laid out flat, place your pattern pieces, and cut out the patterns.

5. When you go to sew the pattern pieces together (as per your pattern instructions) make sure to put the WRONG sides together instead of the usual right sides together when making a bear, this will put the raw edges on the outside of the bear.

6. Once you have your body made, take your sharp scissors, and start clipping at right angle to the seams, on all the raw seams about 1/8 to 1/4" apart. (as if you are making fringe on all the seams) being careful not to cut into the seams.

7. Now throw your bear into the washing machine, and then the dryer. All the fringe areas will be soft and fuzzy. NOTE; If you clip too far apart, you will end up with "curly qs" instead of fuzzy fringe, so make sure not to clip too far apart.

8. Now stuff your bear, as per instructions on your bear pattern, and there is your denim raggedy bear!

teddy bear sewing patternCredit:
McCall's Patterns M6188 Stuffed Animals, One Size Only
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(price as of Mar 5, 2016)

You can change the personality of your bear, by adding eyes, mouth, or nose, and also different denims, make different effects. Try black denim, it will make white fuzzy seams, which is also a nice contrast. I have also used colored denim which is fun as well.

But I find to make a bear out of soft worn denim, makes him a cute rustic bear, and the soft fuzzy seams, add to that rustic effect. Also known as "raggedy".

Denim is such a great fabric for making crafts from, and you can recycle your old jeans into all kinds of crafts.

Keep your denim jean parts in a craft supply box, as you never know when you could use the bits and pieces, such as the pockets, belt loops, even the denim zipper can be used for crafts.

Make a bear, make a few bears, and they will look good in a teens room, or anyone who loves the look of denim. You can also add bling to your bear, such as beads, paint, hats, anything you can think of.

So, if you like to sew, and would like to try something different, consider sewing craft projects out of your old denim jeans. If you have any of the wide body jeans, then you have a lot more fabric to work with.

If you don't have any old jeans, or you have donated them, because there was still life left in them, then try the thrift shops, sometimes they get donations, with ripped knees, and don't want to try and sell those, and end up throwing them out. If you ask them, they may have some they can give to you, or you can make a small donation and get a bag of them!

Make a bear, and make someone happy!

Tips & Warnings

make sure to empty your lint trap in your dryer, as there will be denim fluff in there!