One of costumes loved by the children to dress up as during Halloween is the Ben 10 costume. For those of you who are not familiar with Ben 10, a brief introduction might be necessary. Ben 10 is actually the character of a boy who has the ability to turn into an alien whenever he wishes to. In this article you will get some simple directions to make a Ben 10 costume.

The materials required for making the Ben 10 costume are a plain white T-shirt, black pants made of fabric which can be purchased from the craft store for one dollar or so, painter's tape, sponge brush, paint brush, and wax paper. Place the white shirt on a flat surface. Now painter's tape can be placed onto the center of the white T-shirt. The tape should be about 3 inches wide. It should be made sure that the painter's tape is placed securely on to the middle of the white T-shirt. The wax paper should be placed on the inside of the T-shirt to avoid the paint from bleeding on to the other side of the shirt. The inside of the blue tape should be painted black. Make sure that you have painted evenly to get the perfect look for the costume.

Lastly the collar and the edges of the sleeves are painted in black evenly. Now let the paint dry up. The hemlines can be used as the border lines. Be sure to place the wax paper behind the neck and the edges of the sleeves to avoid the color to bleed onto the back of the white shirt.

You can buy green pants also from the thrift store. The other option is that you can take your old khaki pants and dye them green. For the green color, you can purchase the dye from many of the craft stores.

If you have a Ben 10 toy watch, you can use it to complement the look. But if do not possess one, then you can simply paint the pattern of the Ben 10 watch on to the wrist of your child's hand with the face paints that you might have.

The Ben 10 costume is one of the easiest to make costumes. The children are also comfortable wearing it. Since Ben 10 is the favorite comic character of children, they might surely be thrilled to adorn the costume. The costume is easy to make and is not time consuming.