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If you have a dusty cat, or a dirty cat, or a cat that seems to get fleas, then you should probably make a cat bed just for your cat. This way, he will not get dirt, dust and fleas all over your bed or in a store bought cat bed that can't be washed very well. A homemade cat bed, can be washed on a regular basis, compared to those expensive store bought cat beds, that can harbor all kinds of dirt, fleas and bacteria.

If you are not sure whether your cat will be used to having her own bed, then make a cat bed and find out now rather than buying one, and having it just sit there.

Things You Will Need

To make a cat bed, here is what you will need:

A cardboard packing box, that measures approximately 12 x 12 inches and 5.5 inches tall. You can get strong cardboard packing boxes from the post office, or the grocery store.


Strong tape

safety pins

pillow case

thick bath towel just for your cat

Step 1

Here is what you do to make a cat bed:

Take your carton and tape the bottom shut with the strong tape.

With the box sitting right side up, take your scissors and cut about one inch off of each flap, and fold the flaps inside and tape them down. This gives the sides of the box some strength. This is better than cutting off the flaps, and you need the strength so that kitty can move around and get comfy!

To make a cat bed soft and comfy, you need to now add your thick bath towel, and form a "nest" in the middle. Make sure the towel is tucked in the box.

Next take your pillow case and place the entire box with the towel, and place in the pillow case. Push down on the pillow case to follow your nest in the middle. Once you have all the pillow case fabric forming your cat bed, then take the safety pins, and fold up the one end, like you are wrapping a package, and then pin them shut.

Put your cat bed, somewhere that the cat likes to frequently visit. If he or she likes to be in the same room as you all the time, then have it close by.

Make a cat bed, and place it there for a while, and put in her favorite toys, and treats, and get her used to it, especially if she has never really had her own cat bed before. Cats love to snuggle, and she should like this cat bed.

Once the bed gets a bit dirty, you can simple unpin the pillow case, and launder the pillow case and towel and then repeat the process. If you make a cat bed this way, then you will always have a clean pet bed. No more worries about harboring fleas. This is a simple homemade cat bed, that your cat can snuggle up in anytime.

If you have other cats, you can make one for each of them, or you can make a cat bed with a larger box and extra large pillow case, if your cats all like to snuggle together. A cardboard box works best for this rather than a rigid plastic one, because the sides give a bit when she is trying to roll up in a ball or get comfy.

This saves buying the store bought expensive cat beds, and this way you know it is always clean, make a cat bed using stylish pillow cases so it looks like it belongs in your house, rather than the ratty old ones, and kitty will have her own modern decorative cat bed.

This is also a great cat bed, if your cat is sick, or has had an operation, you can keep her warm and snuggly, but also be able to change her bedding. Make a cat bed today, it is quick and easy.



Tips & Warnings

you will want one in each room with a decorative pillow case!