The First Dollar is the Hardest

Earn Your First Dollar At HomeCredit: Javrsmith

Have you been using the Internet for a while now? Have you been using computers for years? Are you a user of information or a creator? Internet users pay but Internet creators get paid. Do you want to work from home or at least earn money from home? The basics are quite easy but true success is hard. A journey of a thousands miles starts with a single step. Being a successful work at home mom, or dad, starts when you make your first dollar and goes up from there. A great way to get started is to establish a goal. Make your first goal the making of one dollar from home. You'll learn a lot and this knowledge can be leveraged to earn more money in the future.

Why Make A Dollar Working From Home?
There are quite a few new concepts involved when you start to earn money on the Internet. While many of these are very simple, some are not. It is easy to get bogged down in the details when you are earning money from home. By attempting to earn a single dollar, you can ignore a lot of the details, at first, concentrate on the job at hand, and add additional complexity as you learn. The amount of one dollar is just a convenient starting goal, of course. While you could make your goal a larger amount, say $5, $10, $100 or more, you might get discouraged by the process. It should be quite easy to make a dollar. Success is a great motivator so once you earn the first dollar working from home, you will be prepared to earn more of them. Maybe many more. Start with that first dollar, though.

How to get Started
Working from home implies that you have a computer and an Internet connection available at home. Some people don't, instead relying on library computers or other Internet access methods. That makes it more difficult for them, but not impossible. This article assumes that you have a decent computer at home with a reliable, (and hopefully fast), Internet connection. It also helps if you can type well, but this is not essential. Once you decide to do some Internet work from home, you'll need to devote time to the effort. Try to allocate 10 hours to the task of earning that first dollar from home. At the end, you will have earned 10 cents per hour, a very small amount. You will have learned valuable skills and you can then choose whether you wish to earn your second dollar from home.

The Basics of Making Money on the Internet
There are several avenues available that allow you to make money on the Internet. If you have used browsers for some time, you have likely performed activities that have earned money for others. There are a lot of ads on Internet pages. There is a cost to someone whenever such ads are clicked. Sometimes, just having an ad displayed results in a cost to someone. While these costs are usually low, they do accumulate. Sometimes, the costs associated with a good ad can be surprising. As an Internet creator, you are seeking to share in the value of ads.

Warning: Beware of Internet Fraud or your Online Career Will be Short!
Internet ads cost money each time they are clicked and possibly when they are displayed. You may be tempted to click on an ad yourself, or advise others to click. Don't! Once you become an Internet creator, you must guard your potential revenue stream. "Click fraud" refers to various methods where ads trigger false costs. If you are guilty of click fraud, or your articles are, you can be terminated from the big revenue making sites. If so, you may still be able to earn money on the Internet but it will be much harder to do. Vow to never click on ads again and don't advise others to click.

Google Adsense is the Big Player
Over the past number of years, Google has become the dominant player in the online advertising arena. They serve more searches to users. The search results have ads strategically interspersed within. They also maintain a large number of content feeds. It is this feature that sites like Infobarrel use for revenue generation. Your first dollar will likely come via a content feed. To participate, you need your own Adsense identification number. This will be task number one.

How to get Your Own Google Adsense Identification Number
If you are just getting started, you likely don't have a web site yet. You need a basic site before you can even apply to Adsense. The best way is to get started with a account, which is a Google facility. Register a free account there and start writing. You will not be given an ID until you prove that your article content is of high enough quality. Try to create 10 quality articles and post these to your new Blogger account. When you have at least 10, you can apply for your Adsense ID. If you are denied for any reason, you will need to write more articles before you apply again.

What to do With Your New Adsense ID
Infobarrel can be your first content site that you can use to earn online revenue. You can expect your first dollar via ads placed on your Infobarrel content. Apply for a free account. Edit the profile to add your new Google Adsense ID.  Once done, you create content on Infobarrel, just like you did on Blogger. You can even put your Adsense ID on Blogger. This is more difficult than with Infobarrel so you can easily skip this step until later.

When Will You Earn Your First Dollar From Home?
It depends.  It should take you about 2-3 hours to write the initial 10 Blogger articles. When you receive your Adsense ID, you may take another 2-3 hours writing content articles for Infobarrel. The time remaining from your 10 hours can be spent familiarizing yourself with the workings of the Infobarrel, Blogger, and other, sites. When your 10 Infobarrel articles are live, you can monitor their performance through your Adsense console.

What's Next?
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