This is a very simple trap to make at home to find out if you have a problem with bed bugs. Please note: Not all bed bugs are attracted to dry ice however, the majority of them are.

Things You Will Need

Dry Ice Bed Bug Trap MaterialsPhotos of Bed Bugs
You will need to have a dog bowl for this project. The bowl must be designed in a specific manner. When turning the bowl over there needs to be a well around the circumference of the bowl. This is needed so the bed bugs can crawl up the side of the bowl and fall into the well. When the bowl is turned over there needs to be a platform in the middle of it so a thermos can be placed on it. You will also need dry ice, a small bowl of talcum powder, cotton balls, thermos, and masking tape or painters tape.

Step 1

First take the bowl and cover the outside of it with either the painters tape or masking tape. The idea is to make the sides of the bowl rough so the bugs are able to crawl up the sides of the bowl by having something to grip onto. Do not apply the tape smoothly but instead apply it with leaving somewhat of a hilly surface/texture.

Step 2

Now flip the bowl over to where you see the well or reservoir. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the small bowl of talcum powder. Shake it off just a bit and dust the inside of the well. This causes the surface to be slick and slippery so the bugs are unable to crawl out once they fall into the well.

Step 3

Your dry ice should be in the thermos. Unscrew the cap just enough to allow a small amount of carbon dioxide to be expelled. Place the thermos on the platform of the bowl.

Step 4

Place the trap on the mattress. Check the trap in the morning. This should tell you if you have a problem with bed bugs or not.
If you see bed bugs in the well in the morning then you know you have a problem with them and can take the necessary measures to get rid of them.

Tips & Warnings

Do not allow the dry ice to get onto your skin as it will cause burns.