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Okay, some of you  may have seen  the unfortunate mess they called a Green Lantern movie which hit theaters a couple years back starring Ryan Reynolds. I can honestly say that without even seeing the whole thing, it was FAR from what the comics made the character out to be and far from the story we could have had. So, what could the studio have done differently? Is it possible that Green Lantern is just not an interesting enough property and lacking in the fan base necessary to ever be a hit? Well, I'll try and answer these questions the best I can.

 First of all, I think that when handled correctly, the Green Lantern idea could be box office gold. You're essentially talking about Jedi like in Star Wars. The difference is that these guys have rings that let them do all their cool force type stuff and they can actually make things materialize using the rings and their own will power and imagination. The stuff they could do is almost endless. So, what did the studio do? They made ridiculous looking graphics and they started with the costumes. There's a rule of thumb I like to go by when I think about effects and what I'd like to see for realism purposes in film. Basically, if you can do it for real without CGI, DO IT. There was absolutely no need for Hal Jordan's Green Lantern suit to be CGI. And the way that they did the graphics was just off. They said they wanted a more organic look, but that's not what the Green Lantern Corp is. They aren't organic. They're sci fi. Their rings are incredibly advanced alien technology. They didn't get them from hobbits who carved them out of a bush or some junk. There's no reason that they would look organic. And if we're talking about the ring weilder's imagination dictating what it looks like, who thinks to themselves, "Gee, I wish I felt like my jeans were made of ivy instead of denim." ?!! So, bottom line, too much CGI and not the right kind when it came to the costumes. 

 Next up, because I have this feeling that they're going to push the John Stewart version of Green Lantern for the upcoming Justice League movie (most likely to both capitalize on the fact that the character is a minority and to distance themselves as far away from the failed GL movie they already had as possible), Green Lantern needs to be Hal Jordan. That's not because he's a white guy. It's not just because he's human. It's not the Justice League thing. Its that Hal Jordan is the Green Lantern that the comic book fans think of when they hear Green Lantern. He's the one who's done the most awesome stuff, has the most interesting persona, and has the strongest willpower of any GL on Earth. As a side note, the black GL from the comics and the old Justice League cartoon sucked and not because he was black. I'm not a racist. It's because his character is BORING. He's an exmarine architect. Any personality he might have had in him was drained out long ago. He's like a piece of cardboard. Hal Jordan is a test pilot. He flies airplanes and does crap a normal person would never try to do or even want to do in most cases probably. So, crazy test pilot or boring by the book exmilitary architect guy... Be honest. You know which one you want to see the movie be about. 

Next up is storyline. There are plenty that the writers could come up with that would be fine for a big budget movie I'm sure. The trap they caught themselves in with the movie that already came out was that they tried to cram something like two or three different storylines from the comics into one movie. They did Hal Jordan's origin story, Sinestro's betrayal I believe, and a bit of Paralax and possibly even further than that if I'm not mistaken. You try and cram too many stories together at once and you risk not doing any of them justice. By the way, for anyone who didn't know already, Paralax was not a freaking cloud thing in the comics. And that just screams laziness to me when I see or hear of a studio doing that. Remember that last Fantastic Four movie where Galactus was a cloud? It was stupid then and it was just as stupid in the Green Lantern movie. So, no more of that crap please. A good storyline they could go to would be that of the manhunters. The manhunters were a robotic type army which the Guardians from Oa created to police the galaxy before they created the Green Lantern Corp. The manhunters turned though and are now evil. So, you could easily envision a story where the manhunters return and Green Lantern has to try and save Earth from them. Heck, they could even use that for the Justice League movie and it would probably work. Just about anything would be better than what they ended  up doing. 

 Moving on again, let's talk about who should play Green Lantern. Now I don't have anything against Ryan Reynolds exactly, but he does not fit this character. He doesn't fit any of the Earth Green Lanterns in fact. He would make a good Flash or Deadpool. That's about it if you ask me. For Green Lantern and Hal Jordan in particular, I'd say either get someone new or maybe somebody like, Gabriel Macht who played the Spirit in the movie of the same name some years back. he's almost a perfect fit. You can see him now on USA network's series "Suits". I think he'd be about perfect for the role. 

 I think probably the most important thing here is to not screw over the fanbase. There are plenty of Green Lantern fans from cartoons and from comics over the years. So, for some new director or writer to come in and want to impose their "creative" influences on a character that has been around for probably longer than they've been alive, they need to be stopped. When it comes to certain franchises, whether they've had huge movies in the past or not, you need to check your ego at the door. That's why Iron man worked too by the way. They gave the comics and the fans their due. That's a hard lesson that Warner Brothers and DC still after all of these years have managed to not learn. Let's hope they get it right eventually.