There are tutorials for all kinds of things throughout the internet; however, I have yet to see somebody come up with a way to make a memory foam dog bed. Realistically, it is not a hard project, and can probably be completed in a few hours; moreover, your dog will completely appreciate the amazing sleep that they will be having on the memory foam bed! I have broken down the process into 5 very easy steps. Even if you devote 30 minutes to each step (which is being generous), the entire project will only take you 2 and a half hours!

There are three materials that you must have in order to successfully make a memory foam dog bed:

-any dog bed (preferably with a zipper)

-pieces of memory foam

-a pair of scissors

Step 1-Choose A Dog Bed That You Like

The first step that is required when trying to make a memory foam dog bed is simplK&H Self-Warming Small Pet BedCredit: Amazon.comy getting your hands on a dog bed that you and your pet will like. I place emphasis on finding one that uses a zipper to hold it together for a simple reason: you will be removing the inner contents of the dog bed. Choosing a dog bed with a zipper will allow you to easily remove all of the inner contents; all that you must do is unzip it, and pull all of the foam/feathers out of the pet bed.

If you decide to buy a dog bed that is sealed with stitching or sewing, you will have to cut the thread, and re-stitch it once you have added the memory foam.

Step 2-Remove All Of The Inner Padding From The Dog Bed

This is definitely the easiest step when you are trying to make a memory foam dog bed because it simply involves removing the padding from the inside. The only thing that I would worry about during this step is ensuring that you have taken out every single bit of material from the inside of the pet bed. Since memory foam inherits the shape of the pet that is lying on top of it, the slightest piece of material that is left inside could cause the dog to become uncomfortable; moreover, this could ruin the whole project!

This may seem like the simplest step when learning how to make a memory foam dog bed; however, you should not overlook the importance of COMPLETELY removing the material from the inside of the bed.

Step 3-Cut The Memory Foam To The Shape Of The Dog Bed

This is the step that most people have trouble with. There are a few ways to do this; however, you should complete this step with precision regardless of the way that you choose to do so.

Use a ruler-I would highly recommend using a ruler anytime that you can when lea2 Inch Thick Ventilated Memory FoamCredit: Amazon.comrning how to make a memory foam dog bed; a ruler will promote precision, and ultimately produce the best result. I would also place emphasis on the general rule of carpentry: “measure twice and cut once”. The easiest way to complete this step would be to measure each side of the dog bed, replicate those measurements on the pieces of memory foam, and cut the memory foam along the measurements.

Hold the memory foam up against the bed-This method is much faster than using a ruler, but will produce mediocre results. This method involves holding the memory foam pieces up against the sides of the bed, and drawing an outline of the bed measurements on the foam. Once you have drawn the outline, you must simply cut along the lines! The only downside to using this method when trying to make a memory foam bed is that the foam pieces might be too large or small by a few centimetres!

Estimate- I would not recommend going about Step 3 using this method, but I figured that I would include it because I have seen some people try this. This method simply involves using your eyes and estimation skill to guess the sizes of the sides of the bed. Simply cut along the lines that you estimate, and try to place those pieces into the bed. If the pieces are too big, you can simply trim the edges.

Step 4-Fill It With The Memory Foam That You Cut Up

Once you have gotten this far, you should realize that you are almost finished making your memory foam bed for your dog! In order to complete this step, you must place all of the pieces of memory foam that you have cut into the dog bed. I would highly recommend placing each piece of memory foam inside of the god bed individually as opposed to trying to shove them all in there at once.

In addition, I would definitely recommend taking some extra time to ensure that the pieces of memory foam are in place securely! The extra time that is spent now will pay off during the many nights that your dog is sleeping in comfort!

Step 5-Allow Your Dog To Enjoy It, And Teach Others How To Make A Memory Foam Dog Bed

The last step is the simplest step and solely involves monitoring your dog’s degree of comfort on their new memory foam bed! You should place a treat on the new dog bed so that your pK&H Bolster Couch Doggy BedCredit: Amazon.comet can feel comfortable when becoming accustomed to their new piece of furniture. In addition, I would also appreciate it if you would take some time out of your busy schedule to teach other people how to make a memory foam dog bed; I am sure that their pets will appreciate it!

Most of the steps that are listed throughout this article are common sense; however, I tried to provide the readers with some direction in regards to learning how to make a memory foam dog bed. Following all of these steps precisely will result in a comfortable bed that your dog can have a good night’s sleep in!