Getting bitten by a mosquito isn't so bad. Once that bite starts to itch, then it is bad. The ever-present itching sensation is an annoying thing to deal with. The typical remedy is to simply not itch it. Easier said than done. There are a few things that do help though.

Things You Will Need

1.) Deodorant 2.) Cold water

Step 1

A surprising thing that stops a mosquito bite from itching, is deodorant. Soon after being bitten by a mosquito, rub some deodorant over the bite. I find male deodorant is better because it is typically stronger. Male deodorant usually has a higher concentration of any of the following Aluminum chloride, Aluminum zirconium tricholorohydrex glycine, Aluminum chlorohydrate, Aluminum hydroxybromide. These will typically stop the itching.

Step 2

If, you don't have any deodorant on you, try using cold water. The cold water will help sooth the burning itching sensation. By not scratching the bite for the first 30 minutes, you will reduce the urge to itch. This is a simple method that may not be as effective as the deodorant, but it does help. Summer is typically the time when there are the most mosquitos. With so many mosquitos, you are probably going to get bitten. Now, you may not have to go through the itching. Enjoy the summer, not the mosquitos.

Tips & Warnings

Only apply the deodorant on a mosquito bite you have not itched. Applying it to an itched and opened one is dangerous since deodorant is used for your external body, not internal.