Eat Like Me

I have been eating this way for 2 months and have lost an average of 1 pound per week.

This is my favorite omelet to make.  It is quick, easy and tastes great!  Included are some great variations.  These recipes are low in carbs and sugars for those of us who are watching our waist line or our sugar intake.

You will need:

1 tablespoon butter

1-2 slices of deli roast beef - chopped

1/4 cup of mushrooms canned (fresh optional)

2 eggs

1 slice of Swiss cheese

Melt butter in a good omelet pan - this is critical for no sticking.  Add mushrooms and beef - saute until mushrooms are browned.  Pour mixture onto plate.  Crack 2 eggs into pan and stir until egg is beginning to cook on bottom.  Place lid on pan for about 1 minute.

Layer Swiss cheese on one side of omelet then layer the roast beef mushroom mixture on top of the swiss cheese.  Fold the egg mixture over and cover with lid until the omelet begins to brown - then flip the omelet and cover with lid until that side is browned.

Slide omelet onto plate and serve with cucumbers and cream cheese.  Enjoy!  Eat until you are stuffed!

Other variations of this omelet are:

ham and Swiss cheese

2 cheeses

broccolli, ham and cheese

mushroom, green pepper and ham

shredded chicken, cheese and tomato

cheese and tomato (with side of avocado)

browned ground beef, cheese and chopped black olives (topped with salsa and sour cream)

don't forget feta cheese - make it a Greek omelet




Saute mushrooms and roast beef

A good non stick pan is critical for this recipe

Saute your mushrooms and roast beef

Pour mixture onto plate

Keep this close by, you will need it soon

Pour mixture onto plate

Crack open 2 eggs in pan

Use the same pan just like it is

Crack two eggs

Mix eggs in pan until bottom begins to cook

I mix with spatula and I pick up pan and let uncooked egg mixture fill in gaps

Stir eggs up

Cover with lid

When egg mixture is almost all cooked then proceed to adding the rest of layers

Cover with lid

Layer slice of cheese on one side

If you like lots of cheese you can add another slice

add cheese

Layer mushrooms and roast beef over cheese

add roast beef mushroom mixture

Fold egg over mixture and cover until pan side is brown

You want the egg mixture to be throughly cooked

Fold over and cover until brown

Serve with cucumbers and cream cheese

Avocado is also another great alternative for a side dish

Serve with cucumbers and cream cheese