Snowfall shirt

If you're the kind of person who goes Christmas shopping in a special holiday themed sweatshirt or jacket, you'll enjoy this unique shirt. Festive clothing helps us ring in the Holiday spirit and spread good cheer to those around us. This Snowfall sweatshirt features snow and a textured, stylized Christmas tree. Puff paint creates the three-dimensioinal tree and tiny white pearls create the illusion of a true snowfall. The snow can be as heavy as you like. Make it a light snowfall or a blizzard by adding or subtracting pearls. Put this design on t-shirts, jackets, or sweatshirts to be worn during the holiday season. It makes a very special gift for a friend or make them in several colors to wear yourself while enjoying holiday events. It's inexpensive and easy to do.

Things You Will Need

• Jewel-It glue

• tiny white pearls

• white puff paint

• shirt

• large rhinestone (optional)

• repositionable stencil spray

• masking/painter's tape

• steam iron

• tweezers

Step 1

Tree Stencil

The tree image should measure four inches wide by four and a half inches tall. Print out the tree template in one of two ways:

• By taking a screen shot of the template, importing it into Photoshop or other similar program, then enlarging it.

• By printing out this article page then scanning the tree image and enlarging it in Photoshop or other similar program.

Step 2

Print the image onto cardstock. Use a craft knife or sharp scissors to cut out the stencil image.

Step 3

Machine wash and dry the shirt before painting. If you take the time to do this, you will be able to also wash and dry your decorated shirt in the future, pearls, paint and all!

Step 4

Mark the vertical and horizontal center of your shirt with masking or painter's tape. The ideal vertical positioning would be to have the center of the tree aligned with the underarms of the shirt. The stencil has vertical lines you can match up to your shirt markings.

Step 5

Before you position the stencil on the shirt, spray the wrong side of it with repositionable stencil spray. This will hold the very edges of each point and all the curves securely against the shirt while you paint.

Step 6

Apply the puff paint to the tree shape using a brush loaded with the paint. It should be a thick coat. If you're unsure about how much to apply, try a sample on a disposable fabric before you begin this project. Be sure to follow all the same steps listed here to get an accurate example. Also see the puff paint label instructions.

Step 7

When the paint is dry, follow the label instructions for puffing it up. Most paints use the heat of an iron.

Step 8

Pour a puddle of glue in a shallow container. Dip one side of each tiny pearl into the glue, then position it on the shirt to create the snow. A pair of tweezers will help you handle the pearls. Don't worry too much about excess glue on the pearls as this product dries clear.

Step 9

(Optional) Touch the back side of a large rhinestone to the glue and attach it to the treetop. Allow glue to dry thoroughly, preferably overnight.


Tips & Warnings

• This shirt design is also pretty when painted with regular white paint or metallic paint.

• The finished shirt can be machine washed and dried inside out on the gentle cycle. Some paints suggest waiting before washing. Read your paint container instructions.

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