(A Real “Roycipe” For Fun)

 Unlike a full contact watermelon seed spitting contest, or even blind-folded skinny dipping, my wife and I started a family tradition that has been with us since our children grew old enough to handle a scissors and glue bottle.  Every Thanksgiving weekend, we break out the art supplies and embark on a holiday ornament assembly process that would rival Henry Ford’s Model-T assembly line.

 The result of our ornament building time together generates a plethora of folk-art inspired creations and gives us the time together to reminisce on days and events gone by.  The following Walnut Reindeer Ornament is just one of our family and friends’ favorite designs.  Enjoy it, and feel free to modify it in any way you choose.  Let your imagination run wild and please share it with anyone you love.  Admit it, just looking at it puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it?

Walnut Reindeer DiagramCredit: Roy Seeger


 Note:  Pre-drilling a small hole on each side of the walnut for holding the antlers and earmuff wire will add strength to your ornament and aid in the assembly process.  Using a hot glue gun will shorten the assembly time due to the speed at which the adhesive will bond.  If using a hot glue gun without pre-drilling holes for the earmuff wire, use sandpaper or a nail file to scuff up the walnut surface.

You will need the following items:

1 - White Glue (a hot glue gun can be used under adult supervision)

1 - Black Felt-Tip Marker

1 - Walnut (with small pre-drilled holes for pipe cleaner antler insertion)

1 - 1/4" Pom Pom (Nose, red)

1 - 3/4" Pom Pom (Muzzle, tan or brown)

2 - 1/2" Pom Poms (Earmuffs)

1 - 2" Earmuff Wire (made from copper, pipe cleaner, or aluminum foil)

2 - Pipe Cleaners (for antlers)

1 - Mono-Filament, Yarn or String Hanger

2 - Wiggly Google Eyes


Refer to diagram for ornament part placement.

Step 1: Cut one of the two pipe cleaners in half and

Place a drop of glue on top of each pre-drilled hole in walnut and insert an antler in each.  Bend antler tips to achieve desired look.

 Step 2: Glue Muzzle Pom Pom (Tan) to walnut indicated by letter "M".  Glue Nose Pom Pom (Red) to tip of Muzzle.  Position and glue Wiggle Eyes on walnut above Muzzle.

 Allow glued Antlers, Muzzle, and Eyes to dry (45 - 60 minutes) before proceeding to Step 3.

 Step 3: Position Earmuff Wire so hooked ends grip under base of antlers as they stick out of walnut.  Glue one Earmuff Pom Pom under each Antler.  **Use a large drop of glue when attaching Earmuffs so a strong bond is made where Antler, Ear Muff Wire, and Earmuff connect to walnut.

 Allow Earmuff and Earmuff Wire assembly to dry (45 - 60 minutes) before moving to Step 4.

Step 4: Slip Mono-filament Hanger Loop under Earmuff Wire and then back through itself.  Tighten loop into snug knot in middle of Earmuff Wire.

Step 5:  Using Felt-Tip marker, draw mouth on Reindeer Muzzle as indicated in diagram.

Walnut ReindeerCredit: Roy Seeger


Well done!  You only have eight more to finish before Santa's big night!