Walnut Skier Ornament

(A “Roycipe” For Fun)

 When it comes to holiday arts and crafts, or life in general for that matter, nothing beats humor.  No matter what kind of day you are having, a good recipe for a smile is a healthy dose of whimsy.  The following article on making a holiday ornament, using a walnut and some other easily obtained materials, will lift you out of the doldrums and speed you on your way to a creative happy land.  Even the fastest downhill racer has nothing on this little fellow…

Walnut Skier Parts PlacementCredit: Roy Seeger

 Note:  Pre-drilling a small hole on each side of the walnut for holding the earmuff wire will strengthen your ornament and aid in the assembly process.  Using a hot glue gun will shorten the assembly time due to the speed at which the adhesive will bond.  If using a hot glue gun without pre-drilling holes for the earmuff wire, use sandpaper or a nail file to scuff up the walnut’s surface.

 You will need the following items:

1 - White Glue (a hot glue gun can be used under adult supervision)

1 - Black Felt-Tip Marker

1 - Scissors

1 - Walnut (with small predrilled holes for ear muff wire insertion)

2 - Skis (ice cream/craft sticks)

2 - Ski Poles (thin craft sticks, toothpicks, bamboo skewers or twigs will do)

2 - 1/2" square pieces felt (for mittens)

2 - Wiggle Eyes (size to taste)

2 - 1/2" pom poms (Ear Muffs)

1 - 1/8" pom pom (Nose, red)

1 - 2" Earmuff Wire (made from copper, pipe cleaner, or aluminum foil)

1 - Nylon Hanger Loop (made from monofilament fish line, yarn, or string)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Instructions: (Refer to diagram for ornament part placement)

Step 1: Place a drop of glue on each pre-drilled Earmuff Wire hole in walnut and insert an end of the Earmuff Wire into each.  Place an Earmuff on top of each hole, and hold firmly to make a good bond.

Step 2: Glue Nose and eyes to walnut as illustrated in diagram.  Allow Earmuff assembly, nose, and eyes to dry before proceeding to Step 3.

Step 3: Using a Black Felt-Tip Marker, darken the ends of your ski poles so they look like pole handles.  Position and glue one to each side of walnut character.  Allow glue to dry.

Step 4: Using the 1/2" square pieces of felt, with a scissors, cut out a pair of mittens.  Glue one mitten on top of each ski pole so it looks like it's holding it.  Use enough glue since the felt will absorb some.

Step 5: Position skis next to each other on flat surface and offset, so one ski is slightly in front of the other.  Place glue on bottom of Walnut character and set him on top of skis, slightly behind mid point. (See diagram-allow Walnut Skier assembly to dry before proceeding to Step 6.)

Step 6: Slip nylon hanger loop under earmuff wire and then back through itself.  Position and tighten hanger loop into snug knot at center of Earmuff Wire. 

Walnut SkierCredit: Roy Seeger