If you are concerned about the cleanliness and health benefits of the water you drink then maybe, you should consider making alkaline water right at your home and enjoying many of the Alkaline H20 Benefits that it has to offer. Basically what alkaline water does for the body is that it reduced the acidic levels in the body to the bare minimum that is required and this can help the body stay away from problems related to acidity such as heart burn, weight problems and allergies.

If you are thinking of experiencing the Alkaline Water Benefits right at home, you can start using a simple method using things you probably have at home already. Initially, you can use any drinking water that you like; bottled water, tap water or mineral water. Apart from that, you will need a glass jug with a lid or tight-screw on top in which you pour this drinking water. Leave enough space for you to shake and mix the closed jug. Once you have the water in the jug, add one teaspoon of baking soda to the water and mix. The only thing that you will have to purchase is a pH-testing strip, which you can find at any stationary of chemicals supply store. Using this strip, test the pH level of the water; if the pH level is less than 8.0 then add a little bit more of the baking soda in the water to get more Alkaline Benefits. The ideal pH level you are trying to achieve is around 9.0.

Another simpler method to enjoy the Alkaline water Benefits is by purchasing alkaline water drops of tablets that you just add to normal drinking water to make it more alkaline in nature. Make sure you are purchasing alkaline drops or tablets that can be consumed and are manufactured by a well-known company. These can be easily found at a drugstore, health store or online and are great for getting Alkaline Water Benefits while on the go. For extra caution, you can keep a few pH testing strips as well just to make sure you get the idea level of alkalinity and not too much.

While the above methods have been handy and inexpensive, they can be a little tricky and complicated. For sure shot results and for bringing in all of the Alkaline H20 Benefits that alkaline water has to offer, you can take the help of filters and machines. Many stores and online websites are selling such machines and while they are pricey, people find that they can make alkaline water in larger quantities using these machines. You can either get jug filters of ionizer machines for getting Alkaline Water Benefits in your drinking water. For jug filters, you might need to get mineral water only in order for the filter to work. Ionizer machines are special devices to make alkaline water of the desired pH level and you can choose from machines that can easily be installed under the sink in your kitchen or on the countertop or on the faucet.


 Is Alkaline Water A Scam?

One of the latest hot topics related to health going around on everywhere is related to Alkaline Water Benefits. What alkaline water really is and where it is a legitimate technology or not. The best kind of advice that you can follow in such a confusing scenario is not following something unless you are sure of its legitimacy.

Alkaline water claims to be good for our health by helping to absorb the nutrition from our food better than ordinary water. However, this claim is still under investigation and if you really are not sure about what to believe and what not to believe, then you should not believe in all of the said Alkaline Water Benefits.

However, many government websites and scientific laboratories are running tests on Alkaline Water Benefits and a handful of them are finding that alkaline water has the potential of proving to be good for our health in various ways.

In simple words, alkaline water is water with a pH level of 7 or more. In today’s world where water that comes in our homes is at risk of being polluted with unseen chemicals, it is important to verify the cleanliness of our water. It is also important to verify the healthful benefits of our water and Alkaline Water Benefits is something that we can all get. Nowadays, machines are available that can help people make this water all by themselves in their homes. What this machine does is that it separate neutral water into alkaline and acidic. The alkaline part contains ionized minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium, which is good for our health, which help our bodies to absorb the minerals from the food that we eat.


Such Alkalinity is also supposed to taste better than neutral water and hydrate our bodies better than neutral water. It is unsure yet whether this means that the daily-required amount of water we need to consume falls down from something like eight glasses of neutral water to five or six glasses of alkaline water due to all the Alkaline Water Benefits including hydration.

Many studies that support the Alkaline H20 Benefits claim that it is not the pH level of alkaline water that is important but the performance of this water in the body. A study in Switzerland claimed that osteoporosis patients were given natural alkaline water and they enjoyed a lower Resorption rate of calcium in their bodies. Since the absorption is decreased when the acidity of the water is increased, using alkaline water is evidenced to help absorption of nutritional supplements in the body.

In addition to all of this, studies are claiming that there are number of uses for the acidic byproduct that is produced in the electrolysis process used to make alkaline water. This acidic byproduct can be used for a number of cleaning purposes that have previous required the use of dangerous chemicals and polluting agents such as for cleaning swimming pools as well as for industrial cleaning.

On the other hand, many companies selling Alkaline Water Benefits in the form of overpriced machines also tend to exaggerate this benefit, which is why you need to exert caution before buying any such thing.