Beaded Angels

Looking for a holiday craft project? These angelic tree ornaments assemble in minutes and look beautiful dangling from tree branches. Make some every year and create family heirlooms that can be enjoyed for generations to come. These treasures are inexpensive so create a whole collection for yourself or others. Shop garage sales and swap meets to find old jewelry you can use for parts, or shop at craft and bead stores for new parts. Look for clearance jewelry at places like Ross, TJ Max, and other discount stores. They can often be found for as little as a dollar an item. Fashion your angels with your own imaginative style. Next time you're invited to dinner, take one along to give to your hostess.

Things You Will Need

• Metal cap or ring for a halo
• Glass bead for the head
• Flat round silver spacer with beaded edge for the collar
• Silver wing bead
• 3 - tiny round clear beads
• large bead for body
• 4 small round pearls for legs
• two nail head wires for legs
• 4" piece of 20 gauge beading wire
• round-nose pliers
• flat-nose pliers

Step 1

Create a 45 degree angle in the wire Create a loop, about .75" from the end of the four inch wire. Do this by holding the wire between your flat nose pliers, and bending the wire against the tool to create a 45 degree angle.

Step 2

Bend The Wire Hold the wire firmly at the angle with the round nose pliers. Wrap the wire's shorter end over the top of the pliers using your free hand. You now have part of your round loop completed. Cut away excess wire slightly above the point of the angle. Using the flat nose pliers, grasp the loop firmly. Pull the long wire stem forward to close the gap in the loop and to center the stem directly under the circle.

Step 3

The Parts To create the body of the angel, thread the wire pushing all the pieces up to the loop you've just created. You will assemble the parts from the bottom up. (The legs are done later). Start with one tiny clear bead. Follow with: the body bead, a tiny clear bead, the wing section, the flat collar spacer bead, the head bead, the cap or halo, and the last tiny clear bead.

Step 4

Create another loop in the remaining wire. You can't use the flat nose pliers to create the 45 degree angel because it will create too much of a gap between the bead and the loop. So to make an angle close to the bead, place a thin, sharp edge ruler or similar tool against the top of the bead and push the wire against the ruler to form the correct angle. Continue forming the loop as you did in step #2. Cut away excess wire

Step 5

To Create The Legs: Using the two nail head wires, thread two small white pearls onto each. The nailheads will keep the beads from slipping off the wires. Form loops at the end of each wire using step #4. But attach the leg loops to the loop in the bottom of the body before you completely close them.

Have fun with this project by finding unusual, one of a kind beads for the bodies or heads. Dismantle old jewelry, or old ornaments and use the parts for your one-of-a-kind creations.

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Tips & Warnings

Wing beads can be found at craft and bead shops, online bead shops. Also find great prices when buying them in quantity on eBay.