Basic Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial

Melt And Pour Soap

Making soap is a pretty fun hobby if you like to do crafts at home. Basic melt and pour soap is a really fun activity to do with your kids if you are bored on a rainy day. Each person can put their own custom touch on their soap. It is also a great way to get your kids to use soap on themselves in the bath since using soap that you made yourself is much more fun than using soap Mommy bought from the store.

What You Will Need

Soap Base
Mica / Food Coloring
Soap Mold
Fragrance Oil
Soap Mold
Saran Wrap


The first step is to measure how much soap base you are going to use. In this how to guide we will be going by pounds. So if you want to make 2 lbs of soap, cut off two lbs of soap base from your soap base supply. You can get soap base for pretty cheap at


Next once you have your chunk of soap base we are going to need to melt it down. You have two options for melting the soap; you can either use a double boiler or your microwave.

If you use your microwave, make sure you put Saran wrap over top of the container to make sure you don't allow the moisture to evaporate. Cook on high for 1 minute then stir any un-melted chunks in until they are dissolved.

If you are using a double boiler, bring your water to a boil before adding your base. Add your base once the water has begun to boil, and then cover the boiler, reduce the heat to low then periodically check back on your soap base until it is fully melted.

Fragrance your soap

If you like your soap to have a nice smell, we can add some fragrance oil to your melt to give your soap that extra kick. You will want to add .25oz of fragrance oil per pound of melted soap. Stir your mix until the fragrance has been very well mixed into your melt.


Some people like to color their soaps, others don't. If you do want to color your soap, you have two choices! You can either throw in 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of Mica in with your melt or add 1 drip at a time of food coloring until your desired color has been reached. Regardless which method you use, make sure you stir the mixture very vigorously to make sure it is mixed in well. If you are using food coloring, make sure to not over do it or the soap will stain your skin.


Take your favorite soap mold and pour the melted mixture into it. Spray the top of the mold with rubbing alcohol to prevent any bubbles then allow hardening for 3-4 hours.

Enjoy using your melt and pour soap!