Beads have always been a hobby of mine and I also enjoy building things from scratch. This short guide will teach you how to make beads out of bread dough. It is actually pretty easy and does not take too much work. The end result is pretty neat as well. You can make beads a variety of ways, but building beads out of bread dough is one of my favorite ways to do so. It is cheap, simple, and a quick task to complete.

Things You Will Need

1. Bowl

2. Loaf Of White Bread

3. White Craft Glue

4. Paint, preferrably acrylic.

5. Acrylic Sealer

6. Straws

7. Paint Brushes

8. Yarn

Step 1

The first thing you want to do is take the crust off the bread pieces. You want to then tear the bread into very tiny pieces and place them into the bowl.

Step 2

After all the bread has been torn into small pieces and placed in the ball, you want to mix glue in with the bread. You need to use your hands to mix it up quite a bit, and this will form dough. You should add small amounts of glue at a time so you don't overdo it. You will know when you have enough when the bread turns into a nice dough. This step gets the hands pretty dirty, but the end result will be some nice homemade beads so it is worth it!

Step 3

Next, you want to begin forming bead shaped circles with your dough. Rough the dough into balls, how big or small depends on the size you want the beads to be. You are also going to want to use the straws to poke holes through the beads so you can string them together when you are finally finished.

Step 4

This is the waiting period. You now have to let the dough balls sit for 1 to 2 days before you can continue with the beads. It's an important step, make sure you give adequate time for the beads to harden.

Step 5

Once the beads are finally hard, you can begin adding some aesthetic appeal to them. Use your acrylic paint to paint the beads any color you would like. This is the funnest part because you get to add your own personal sense of style on the bead.

Step 6

Once you paint seems dry, you want to put on a coat of acrylic sealer.

Step 7

You can now string the beads together with yarn or something similar.

That is it! Not too difficult. I have made hundreds and hundreds of beads this way and I really like the way they turn out. They seem pretty durable, and I have never had a problem getting them to keep their appearance. My favorite type of beads are bicone beads. But, when you make beads from scratch, the possibilities are infinite, imagine all the different styles of beads you could make.

Tips & Warnings

The most important part of this process is letting the dough get hard enough. Just make sure you give it time to do so, or the beads will not turn out the way you want them.