Bean Dip is a favorite snack food for many. Bean dip is great if your watching the Superbowl or simply having a picnic in the backyard. Bean Dip can be pretty expensive if you buy it in the store so I will show Bean Dipyou how to easily make your own bean dip at home.

I will give you the basic recipe for making your own bean dip at home. You can then alter it as you please. If you want to spice it up even more you can. If you want more cheese or want to add cilantro too your homemade bean dip then you can. Homemade bean dip is one of the easiest recipes to customize. It is truly hard to mess up bean dip. As long as you do not allow the crock pot to burn the bean dip then you will be eating great bean dip in no time.

Photo Credit: (Flickr/ILoveMyPiccolo)

Things You Will Need

Large Crock Pot

4 cans of refried beans(regular refried beans, not the low fat variety)

2/3 pound shredded cheese

16 ounces of Salsa

3/4 pounds of low fat ground beef

Tortilla Chips

Step 1

Turn on your crock pot and get it warming up on the high setting

Step 2

Start cooking the ground beef

Step 3

Open up the 4 cans of refried beans and pour all of the refried beans into the crock pot.

Step 4

Open up the large jar of salsa and pour all of the salsa into the crock pot.

Step 5

Pour all of the shredded cheese into the crock pot. You can use any type of cheese. You can use cheddar or mozzarella. I like to use the "Mexican Blend" of prepackaged shredded cheese that had different types of cheeses all shredded up and blended together.

Step 6

Now stir all of the ingredients in the crock pot. Just a quick stirring is all it needs right now.

Step 7

When your ground beef is done cooking go ahead and pour the meat into the crockpot with all of the other ingredients.

Step 8

The crock pot will melt all of the cheese and loosen the refried beans up. You can go ahead and leave it alone for awhile and when the cheese is softened you can then stir all the ingredients.

Step 9

After the bean dip is heated up you can now turn your crock pot down to low setting. Your bean dip is now ready to eat.

If you keep the crock pot turned on low the bean dip will stay ready to eat all day long. Any time somebody wants to refill their bowl it is already to go.

Feel free to experiment with other ingredients. You can add sour cream, diced jalapeno peppers, cream cheese, or any thing you would like to make your own custom bean dip.

Tips & Warnings

When the bean dip is heating periodicaly stir and check the bean dip to make sure that your crock pot is not burning the bean dip.

You can use any type of tortilla chips you like to dip into the bean dip. I prefer using the Tostitos brand called "Scoops". They hold a lot of bean dip in each bite.

You can also wrapt the bean dip inside of a flour tortilla, roll it up and then you have a very tasty burrito.