Cake Pops

Cakes Pops are little tiny frosted cakes rolled into a ball at the end of a lollipop stick that you eat in one delicious bite. They are super easy to make and OH MY GOD delicious.  Did I mention they are the cutest cake you will ever see?  You can make them out of left over cake, cake mixes, or go all-out-home-made- from-scratch.  Cake Pops are quite sweet, a little bit sweeter than a cupcake but not as strong as say a chocolate truffle.  These little bite size treats are great for children parties or special events.   Here is how you can make some yourself!

Ingredient list:

  • 1 box of cake mix
  • 1 Can Frosting ( or baking chocolate)
  • Lollipop sticks(you can find these at craft stores such as hobbylobby, JoAnns, etc)
  • Color sugar, sprinkles, candies,
  • baking sheet or something you can stick lollipop sticks into(Styrofoam)


The Cake

You do not have to use premade cake mix or frosting, you can make your own, but for this version I will be using premade cake mix and frosting.  Cake pops work extremely well with moist cake as it is easier to roll them into little balls.  Follow the instruction on how to make a cake, bake the cake, and let it cool. Then after the cake has cool, CRUSH it! You want to crush the cake while it's still warm, so it’s easier to roll into a ball. Roll the crush cake into little balls or any other small shapes you prefer (like a Yoshi egg, Angry Bird, 1-up mushroom, whatever you fancy)

The Frosting or the baking chocolate

If you are using the can frosting, all you have to do is follow the instruction on the can, if you are using the baking chocolate, just put the pieces into a small pot and melt it down.  This is where you will dip the cake balls into.

Lollipop sticks

Attach your cake balls to the lollipop stick and dip them into your frosting or melted chocolate. Then dip that into the color sugar, sprinkles, or attach pieces of candies to your chocolate ball. Place the cake pop on a baking sheet; be sure to not place it on the side but vertical with the ball on the sheet and the lollipop sticking up to not mess up the sides. Of course if you have some Styrofoam, you can just stick the lollipop into the Styrofoam.  It looks cooler in the Styrofoam too. Let them cool outside or freeze them for later, but I found out that if you refrigerate them, the coating tend to melt.

Once you are done, just gobble away and don’t forget to share with your friends and family!