Two great tastes! How can you ever go wrong with Chocolate? Do you know anyone who doesn't like bacon? Two great tastes, would they be even greater together?

Recently, people have been finding the combination of the salty, smoky taste of bacon, combined with the rich, wonderful taste of chocolate absolutely irresistible together. Chocolate covered bacon is now available commercially, but it is quite expensive. Is it possible to make this delightful creation yourself? Absolutely! It is actually quite easy.

To make your own chocolate covered bacon, start by making some bacon. Be sure to cook it thoroughly and if in doubt error toward the crispy side. The crunch of crispy bacon is one of the keys to success with your own chocolate covered bacon. Of course, the better the quality of the bacon, the better the quality of your final product. If you need a reminder of how to cook bacon there is a summary at How To Make And Freeze Cooked Bacon. Don't forget you can also freeze the cooked bacon and turn it into chocolate covered bacon later.

Once you have some crispy cooked bacon, you are ready to address the chocolate side of things. You can use whatever chocolate you like, based on your own preferences. Some folks like very dark chocolate, whereas others prefer milk chocolate. Some like semi-sweet chocolate of the type used in chocolate chip cookies. Keep in mind, though, that just because you like a certain kind of chocolate, it doesn't necessarily follow that you will like chocolate covered bacon made from that type of chocolate better than some other combination. Hence, it is important to do some experimenting to determine what type of chocolate to make your chocolate covered bacon from. I personally prefer milk chocolate as a covering for my bacon. I simply buy milk chocolate chips (not semi-sweet chocolate chips) from the supermarket and use them.

Once you have selected your chocolate, then it is time to melt the chocolate. You will need enough chocolate to dip your bacon in for as many pieces of bacon as you care to make. Put enough chocolate into a pyrex measuring cup such that it will give you enough molten chocolate to dip your bacon in. Put it in the microwave and start the microwave while observing the chocolate. When it is almost fully melted, stop the microwave and remove the measuring cup of chocolate.

Hold a piece of cooked bacon in a pair of tongs and immerse it into the molten chocolate. When it is fully covered, remove the bacon and place it on a sheet of wax paper. Or course, placing the chocolate covered bacon on the wax paper will cause the chocolate to harden with flat spots where the bacon touches the paper. If the aesthetics of the final product matter to you, you will need to devise a way of allowing the chocolate to harden without laying it flat. The best way to do this is to suspend the bacon such that it is hanging from one end. I personally don't really mind the flat spots in the chocolate so laying it on wax paper works fine for me.

After the chocolate has hardened, it is time to eat it. If you want to save it later, place it on wax paper in a reseal-able refrigerator container such as Tupperware. If you prefer more chocolate on each piece you can re-dip it after it has hardened and make your own "Double-Dipper Chocolate Covered Bacon".