How To Make Corn Tortillas Without a Tortilla Press

Homemade Corn TortillasCredit: Jack Estephan

Home made tortillas are healthier and taste oh so very much better than store-bought ones. As a bonus, they are super simple to make, especially if done in the way this article suggests.



2 cups masa harina flour. Most grocery stores carry this.

1 1/4 cup hot tap water

1 tea-spoon olive or coconut oil. Optional. The oil adds a little richness to the flavor.

Healthy options:

Use organic flour.

Add ground flax seeds to the flour.

If adding oil, coconut oil would be the healthiest choice.

To make the dough thoroughly mix with your hands all the ingredients. If the dough is too dry or sticky add more water or flour in small amounts to get a consistency that is right. Form the dough into a ball and place it into a bowl and cover for 15 minutes.

Normally, a tortilla press is essential to making thin easy to handle tortillas that will hold their shape. Presses made from either wood or cast iron are readily found online for $15 - $50. However there is a much simpler and better way of making great tortillas and you may already have most of what you need in your kitchen. Instead of a press you can use a glass pie pan and a 1 gallon freezer bag. The glass lets you see the tortilla as you press it into an even circle and the freezer bag keeps the tortilla from sticking to the pie pan and counter top.

To make the tortillas, lay the freezer bag flat on your kitchen counter. Roll a ball of dough the size of a golf ball and place it in the bag.

Tortilla-Press-BagCredit: Jack Estephan With both hands grab opposite ends of the pie pan and press down on the dough ball. Use a rocking motion if needed to spread the dough evenly.






Tortilla PressCredit: Jack Estephan

The more you flatten the dough the smoother the edges become. Flatten the dough to a little less than an 1/8 of an inch. The tortilla will stick to one side of the bag. With a flat spread hand reach into the bag and support the tortilla from below. With your other hand carefully peel the tortilla away from the bag and let it drop into your hand. Have your stove set to medium heat and flip the tortilla onto a griddle or skillet. Let the tortilla bake until bottom slightly browns; 30 - 45 seconds. When it is ready use a spatula and flip the tortilla. Wait 15 seconds and with the spatula lightly press on the tortilla. This will encourage it to puff up a little. After 15 - 30 seconds or until slightly browned, remove the tortilla from the  heat and place it in a basket or bowl lined and covered with a towel. Continue to press and bake all the tortillas. Stack them and keep them covered so that they don't dry up and fall apart.

Enjoy them as part of your deliciously authentic mexican meal.