Creating Cube Storage Shelves is a fun project that anyone can do, they are a easy and convenient way to store items while at the same time adding as a unit for home theaters. There are plenty of ideas to position and come up with your own personal style for your storage cubes. This article will touch on how you can make your own cube storage shelves this project is simple and straight forward, as always being prepared and having the right tools will make the job much easier.

You will need two pieces of medium density fiberboard measuring 12 by 24 place the two pices onto a work bench and make sure the long ends are adjacent to each other. Using a measuring tape place marks at 12, 24 and 36 inches along each piece of fiberboard

Begin to mark 3/8-inch in both directions from the marks you just made. This will give you an indication of the placement of the dividers that will be placed in at a later stage. You will need a framing square, place this on the marks you made earlier then begin to draw lines across the 12-inch depth of each piece of  fiberboard. Once you have done this the next step is to drill your three pilot holes between the lines, measuring at 1 inch from the edge of the fiberboard and roughly about  midway using a 1/8-inch drill bit. Drill your countersink holes on top of the pilot holes using a countersink drill bit.


A good trick to do is drill the countersink holes deep enough into fiberboard to hide the screw heads, this creates a more professional and quality finish. If you choose to have a smooth surface then simply fill screw holes with wood putty let it set and dry and sand smooth so when you paint it at a later stage it will be hidden from view. Next Set your 12-by-12-by-¾-inch medium density fiberboard material on the work table this time. These will be the dividers for creating cube-shaped sections in the overall finish of the storage cube. Apply glue between the lines drawn in Step 2 on each piece of fiberboard, just apply enough glue as needed, if you do use too much sealant simply wipe clean immediately with a clean cloth and warm water.

 Stand it on its long edge and begin to secure the 12-by-12-by-¾-inch Medium Density Fiberboard dividers to it using 2-inch drywall screws a drill with a Phillips-head bit is best for the job. As stated before only use as much or as less glue or sealant that is needed, and clean up excess glue immediately with a damp clean cloth to prevent glue stains that can tarnish the  finished look. And that is pretty much all there is to  this project. Simply repeat the above process with the remaining pieces of medium density fiberboard’s. Allow the glue to set, and you will have made your very own set of  Cube Storage Shelves . All that's needed now is a fresh coat of paint of your choice, for best results apply 2 coats for a long lasting finish a couple of thin coats should do the job well.