Grinch (31497)

What fun it is to give a special and completely unique gift to someone you care about. This glass, one-inch round ornament can be made with any image you choose and is simple to put together. Pick themes that interest the recipient, letting them know you put both time and thought into this gift. Maybe your ornaments will be family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation. Or maybe your creation will contain a one-time message for a particular person - "Marry Me!" The possibilities are endless and the person receiving the ornament will appreciate your effort. In addition, your creativity and thoughtfulness will be remembered again and again as the tree is decorated every year. Include the date with your image.

Things You Will Need

- 2 one-inch round, clear glass gems with flat bottoms
- 2 identical images
- 18-20 gauge jewelry wire
- wire cutters
- pliers
- E-6000 or other clear jewelry glue
- paper glue like Elmer's

Step 1

Packers (31498)Find a meaningful image for your ornament. Maybe it's a picture of a favorite sports team, the dog, an anniversary photo, a baby picture, a graduation, or a symbol of any milestone achieved by the recipient. The image can be cut from a magazine or it may be on your computer.

Step 2

Resize the image so that it measures one inch by one inch. Copy the image and print it out on card stock.

Step 3

The two image squares should be the exact size when placed back to back. Trim them if necessary. Glue the blank sides together with paper glue. Let the glue dry completely.

Step 4

Cut one-inch circles from the square with scissors or a craft knife. To make a perfect circle find something to use as a guide. It could be a circle printed from your computer, or a cap from a water bottle. Use whatever you need to trace and create a smooth circular image.

Step 5

Glass Gems (31499)There should be no fingerprints, dirt or spots on the glass gems. Rub them with a soft dry cloth to be sure they are clean. To the flat side of one gem, apply a thin coat of E-6000 or other jewelry glue that dries clear. Use a plastic knife, pallet knife or other flat tool to spread the glue with as few strokes as possible. Try to make the glue layer as smooth as you can.

Step 6

Position the image on the glue with the image side down. Press in place.

Step 7

On the second gem, apply glue as you did to the first gem. Position it on top of the image matching up edges all around the circle. The image will now be sandwiched between the glass gems. Be sure to align the edges by sliding the gems, not lifting them, before the glue dries. This will take about 24 hours. Read the directions on the glue container.

Step 8

Wire Rests Between The GemsTo finish the ornament, wind wire around the gems letting it rest between the gutter formed between the joined glass pieces. Create a loop for hanging the ornament by twisting the two wire ends together at the top.

Alternate Finish: Wrap a thin red ribbon around the gems instead of wire. Tie a bow where the ribbon ends meet.

Large glass gems can be found at floral supply shops and online.

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Tips & Warnings

The glue may ripple the image if the image is printed on regular paper instead of card stock.