A perfectly seasoned steak is one of life's simpler joys. If you would like a bit more flavor than basic salt and pepper then a dry rub is what you need.

Things You Will Need

  • One quarter cup of packed brown sugar

  • One tablespoon of minced fresh garlic

  • One quarter cup of sea salt

  • One tablespoon freshly ground black pepper.

Step 1

Take your cloves of garlic and mince them up as fine as you can until you get the full tablespoon.

Step 2

Place the brown sugar into a glass mixing bowl. Whisk it completely to break up any lumps.

Step 3

Add the sea salt in a single layer over the brown sugar. Using your hands mix it together thoroughly. Your hands are actually better than a whisk for this purpose.

Step 4

Add the black pepper the same way you did the sea salt.

Step 5

Now add the freshly minced garlic. Note the warning at the end of the article.

Step 6

Once everything is mixed, you can store in an airtight container in the pantry for months.

Step 7

To season that steak: Generously pour on the rub and rub it into the meat on all surfaces. You don't have to slap it around, but don't play patty cake. Wrap it in Saran Wrap or place in a ziplock bag and get the air out. Place in refrigerated area for up to overnight.

Step 8

Grill your steak and enjoy.

There are purists who believe that any seasoning at all is virtual desecration of the sacred beef. I am not one of them. I want you to experiment and enjoy one of life's simplest pleasures.

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Tips & Warnings


  • At step seven if you have one of the vacuum food sealers that is ideal.

  • The longer it is refrigerated the stronger the flavor.

  • A glass mixing bowl will not retain flavors to contaminate your next recipe.


  • Fresh garlic is an irritant if you get it in your eyes or an open cut. Be careful.