Making Fried Eggs or Scrambled Eggs Taste Like Spicy Sausage

For people who love eggs, having them the same way every day can get dull and boring.  There are many different spices that you can add to eggs to make them taste different. But to get your eggs to taste like spicy sausage you need two main ingredients: cayenne and sage.  The cayenne gives it the spiciness while the sage gives it that smoky sausage tastes.  The recipe is rather simple to understand and simple to make.

For those doing any of the high-protein diets in Woman's World Magazine, this is a great option when you want to switch up your eggs and make them taste different.  With the addition of the cayenne and the sage, it goes a step further to help you burn fat, detox and lose weight.



4 eggs (large or medium)

1/2 onion chopped

1 Tbs. cayenne pepper ( make this to your taste, you can use more or less)

2 Tbs. of good quality ground sage (also adjust this to your liking by adding more or making it less)

2 Tbs. Milk or cream (optional)

salt (to taste)

2 Tbs. good butter or oil (preferably olive)


Other things you will need

Non-stick frying pan

Medium sized bowl

2 spoons or 2 forks


Cooking Directions

  • On the stove, place a non-stick frying pan on medium heat.  Add 1-2 Tbs of olive oil or good butter and watch it to make sure it heats and not burns.  Once Oil is heated, add your cut onions and let it brown while you prepare your eggs.  Turn it on occasion to make sure the heat hit all sides of the onion. You can add other things that you would normally add to your scrambled eggs but make sure they are nice and carmelized/browned before you add the raw eggs to it.
  • Crack all four eggs one by one in your medium-sized bowl.  If you like doing so, remove the white membrane from each of your egg yolks.
  • Add salt to taste, then add milk or cream or cayenne and beat until integrated
  • Add the ground sage to the eggs and beat until integrated. Set it aside.
  • Give the onions another turn on the stove, they should be light brown and well carmelized by now.
  • Slowly pour the scrambled egg mixture over the eggs and set the bowl and mixing fork or spoon into the sink.
  • Use a clean fork or spoon to turn the eggs over and over until they are done.
  • For that real "meat" feeling, leave the eggs in larger sections instead of  scrambling them too fine.  Keep turning the eggs from one side to the other until they are brown and done. Place them into a plate until you are ready to serve and eat the.
  • Let the eggs sit for at least 20 minutes (longer is better) before you eat them.


To make the classic Green Eggs from Dr. Seuss and still have that sausage taste, just add as much parsley or spinach as you need to give it a brighter green color. The sage makes it--well-a sage green color.


Note: This type of spicy sausage egg dish you can eat for breakfast with toast or by itself, serve it up with rice and salad for a good meal at dinner or save it for lunch and eat it as a sandwich.  It is are very good!




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