Excited African Female ExecutiveCredit: stockimages | freedigitalphotos.netThis is a subject which thousands of articles, research, dissertations, thesis, and arguments were borne out of.  From the time that management realized that employee satisfaction is an important dimension with successful businesses until today, no absolute formula has been realized.  What is offered right now are tips, guidelines, suggestions or recommendations based on experiences. As such, management and employers are doing their best efforts to implement these ideas such as offering better pay and using innovations such as practice management software to make work load faster and easier.

          Several studies have pointed out that money is not the ultimate satisfaction for staffs.  At times, the intrinsic rewards are more prioritized rather than the explicit ones such as trips, commissions, bonuses, and among others.  What are these intrinsic factors that will make the work force satisfied?

          First on the list is job security.  Studies have shown that workers are more relaxed when they know that their source of livelihood is secured especially in times when the economy is on downward spiral. 

          Second, non-monetary perks such as health cards and insurances have more impact than salary increases.  When people have additional ammunition to combat health expenses and are assured that they have insurances to rely on if they meet unfortunate and untoward incidents, they are more likely to work better and contribute more towards the success of the company.

          Third, several studies documented that ownership is also vital.  It simply means that reminding staff to work as if they own the business.  This is done by delegating employees with some important responsibilities and decision making privileges for them.  When their voices are heard and considered, when they feel that they have crucial responsibilities, you give employees dignity and integrity.  These are two intrinsic factors which currency cannot equalize. 

          Fourth, corporate culture play important role in worker behavior.  There must be a set of values employers and management should instill in their employees.  These values will steer employees on how to act accordingly inside and outside of the company premises.  For example, transparency during negotiation and implementation of rules and procedures is highly appreciated. When management explain to employees why they will not receive generous bonuses for the year, employees will not resent the idea of having lesser money.  Let them perform better in the coming days so that they will earn more bonuses. 

          Fifth, employees are more satisfied with good working conditions and employee relations.  Management and employers should see to it that the work place is well ventilated and lighted.  It should encourage team building activities to promote cohesiveness among employees and staffs.  Studies have also shown that people can work extremely well if they have good relationships with fellow workers. 

          Practice management software is one tool which management can help employees do more work with lesser complications than doing it manually.  It is a tool to help achieve employee satisfaction as different features of the software can answer concerns like ownership, transparency, efficiency, and job security.