It is a popular wish for women to want longer lashes. Not only do they add a feminine touch to any face, they make women feel confident. Unfortunately there are lots of women who are not born that way but luckily, there are many ways to learn how to make eyelashes longer.

Eyelashes CAN grow thicker, faster and fuller

It is a myth that women with short lashes can not grow them. Eyelashes are tiny hairs and we all know hair can grow. With the help of eyelash growth supplements or home-made conditioners, even short lashes can grow into bigger,feminine ones.

Does Vaseline grow eyelashes?

Vaseline is a brand name version of Petroleum jelly. In recent years, It is not uncommon for people to associate eyelash growth with Vaseline. Many people recommend using it as a simple way to encourage regrowth and enhance the growth process.
Most uses for Petroleum jelly involve beauty purposes. It is great for skin care and is a particularly good moisturizer. It may be that exact reason people say it can help grow lashes. Anyone who suffers from dry brittle lashes will often witness them falling out or breaking, at the slightest touch. With the use of Vaseline it would keep them moisturized which may slow down or stop the breakage. This does not mean that it is the best method out there , but if you have brittle lashes there is no harm in trying. Apply a small amount to your eyelid line using the end of your finger or a mascara brush. Try not to be to generous, as you will end up with greasy or irritated eyes.
The outcome would be different from person to person so even if you find it does not make any difference at all, there are other things to try.

Eyelash growth products:

Lash builder gel

Lash builder gel is a product that is part of the Model In the bottle beauty range. The manufacturer claims it will help you get long, model like lashes in only two to three weeks. It is a natural gel based product that has no Sulphate or Paraben and causes no irritation. According to the official website the formula is non oily and can be worn with contact lenses.
The gel needs to be applied twice daily onto the eyelid lash line.

Talika eyelash enhancer product range

One of the more well-known eyelash growth product ranges is Talika. They sell everything from heated eyelash curlers to eyelash conditioning cream. All of their products are FDA approved and according to them there have been no reported side effects of long term use.

Lipocils conditioning gel has been purchased by millions of customers. It is clinically proven to generate maximum growth and thickness of lashes. If the hair follicles are healthy ( no burns, alopecia, excess plucking, eyeliner tatoo around/on the lashes) the gel can work within 28 days to achieve this. For some people it may take longer to see the full benefits of the product so If you try it, use the full tube of gel before you make your final opinion.

Like many eyelash enhancers, the hair will only retain its length if you use the product continuously. Once the hair has reached its maximum length, use a smaller amount of gel each day, to help any new hairs grow long and stop the long hairs from shedding.

Can Talika eyelash Lipocils gel be used on eyebrows?

The short answer is No. Each eyelash growth enhancer includes a certain amount of each ingredient to prevent skin irritation around the lash line. Eyebrows are not as sensitive, so the quantities of ingredients would be different. If you are interested in growing your eyebrows too, you would need to purchased their separate eyebrow lipocil product.

The Talika Eyelash conditioning cream is an alternative product to suit people who would prefer a cream based product over a mineral free gel. Both items have the same natural formula.

Jojoba oil as a eyelash conditioner

Joboba oil is a well-known oil used for natural remedies involving beauty, healthcare, skin and hair care. It has been used for hundreds for all these purposes any more!
Jojoba is a type of shrub native to northwestern Sonoran Desert in Mexico, parts of Arizona and California. Once made into a vegetable oil after extraction from the seed, it becomes a clear, light oil with no notable smell.

The hair benefits of Jojoba oil

I could list may benefits for all types of purposes, but you came here to find out about growing long lashes. Jojoba oil has been reported to prevent hair loss. Applying the oil on the scalp (or eyelash line) will keep it conditioned and moisturized. Apply the oil onto the lashes can also put an end to dry eyelashes and with regular use will prevent breakage.
As it is a light oil, It is easily absorbed into the skin and can stimulate eyelash regrowth.

As I've just explained, there are many ways to make hair grow longer. Some are natural, others might not be. Some work within a short period, others may take longer to work. experiment a bit and see the results for yourself.