Something a little different for your toast?

     Ever wanted to know how to make Fig Jam?  Well ask no more, in the following paragraphs you will find the ingredients and processes required to make this lovely treat.  Homemade jams make wonderful gifts.  Soon you will be armed and ready to treat all those people crying out for Fig Jam, with a jar of your very own, homemade version.

The Fig
Credit: Image courtesy of 2sunshine_pics

First a few hints and tips on better jam making.

     If your jam fails to set, measure it out by cups then return it to the pan.  Bring it back to the boil.  Add half a teaspoon of citric or tartaric acid for every four cups of jam.  Boil rapidly for ten minutes then re-bottle in clean jars.

      Fill jars to the brim.  For chunky jams or marmalades, allow the jam to cool in the pan until it begins to form a thin “skin”, then stir again and bottle.  The liquid part of the jam will set on cooling and hold the fruit evenly throughout your jam.  If put in jars hot the chunks may rise to the top, resulting in an uneven looking product.

     To test jam for readiness put a saucer in the refrigerator for twenty minutes prior to testing.   Spoon a little on to the cold saucer.  Leave the jam on the saucer for two or three minutes in a cool position.  If it jellies up or crinkles when touched your jam is ready to put in jars.

      Cover jars with discs of wax proof paper, then the metal or plastic lid from the jar, or seal while hot using cellophane covers dipped in vinegar.

Clean and Sterile Jam Jars
Credit: Image courtesy of reallyrose_photobucket

It is now time to make Fig Jam.

     You will need 1.5Kg (3lbs) of figs, 250g (1/2lb) of preserved ginger, 2 Lemons and 1.5Kg (3lbs) of sugar.

     Place the figs in a pan suitable for making jam along with 1 cup of water; add the ginger and juice of the lemons plus the skin of one of the lemons. 

Boil until the figs are tender. 

Take the pan off the heat and add the sugar. 

Return to the heat and boil until it reaches setting point.  This takes about thirty minutes. 

Remove the lemon skin and bottle in clean, sterile jars. 

The ginger can be omitted from the recipe if you so desire.

Time to wrap it up

     So there you have it!  You have your very own fig jam.  Next time you hear someone scream out FIG JAM you will be able to say to them “Would you like some?”  

     Your jam will make a thoughtful gift for friends and family on any occasion.  So start filling your pantry and others with your beautiful homemade products today!