flavored oil

Summer is here, and so are the salads and barbeques, what are you going to use for dressing? How about some flavored oils? You can make your own unique flavored oils for your own barbeque parties or to give as gifts. It is not hard, just takes a bit of time, and you can use your own herbs from your garden to add some punch to your salads.

You can buy flavored oils, but they are expensive on the specialty store shelves, so why don't you make them yourself?

Things You Will Need

Here is a recipe for flavored oil:

The best herbs for flavored oils are




but you can experiment for yourself and also add spices.

Step 1

You can get really cute looking little bottles for your oil, and show it off at the table at your next barbeque or family gathering. Just make sure you use a bottle with a good fitting lid for storage in the fridge.

To make your flavored oil, all you have to do is find fresh sprigs of your herbs, and have enough olive oil to fill your small bottle. Take your herbs and on a clean surface or board take a rolling pin and gently roll them, this brings out more flavor for your flavored oil, you don't have to squish them, just press them a bit. You will notice more of their beautiful aroma as you make your flavored oil.

NOTE: You should make your flavored oils in small batches, because you can only keep them for approximately one month in the fridge. Besides they taste best when they are fresh, so go ahead and use them up. Try different combinations, and experiment, by using small bottles you can have a different flavored oil on your salad each day!

Have enough olive oil to fill your small bottle and warm it up on the stove in a small sauce pan, on very low heat. Then add your herbs, and let it sit for a few minutes off the heat.

Then take the herbs out with a slotted spoon and put into your sterilized bottle. Pour the warm olive oil on top of the herbs, and fill the bottle to within 1/4 inch of the top. Make sure you wipe the rims and then cover with the lid tightly, then put in the fridge for at least 2 or 3 days. This lets the flavors blend with the oil.

Then sterilize a new bottle and strain the oil from the first batch into the new bottle, add a fresh sprig of your herb to each bottle. Use a tight fitting lid, and wiping the rim, label and date your flavored oil bottle.

You can now use this oil, but make sure to store it in the fridge, and you can keep it for about one month, but I bet it doesn't last that long, you will absolutely love these flavored oils, you may never go back to bottled salad dressings once you have used flavored oils. Plus there is such a satisfaction from using your own herbs and spices from your garden. This would make a great gift to a salad lover!.


experiment with amounts of herbs and spices and combinations, this is fun!

Tips & Warnings

you may never go back to regular salad dressing again!