It's that time of the year and if you haven't done them already, you should be preparing a time in the near future to make gingerbread houses with your child (or children). Making a gingerbread, or graham cracker, houses are a memorial experience for all and could be a wonderful tradition to begin with your kids.

You'll need the following materials:

-Gingerbread (cookie-type or kit) or substitute with graham crackers
-Cake frosting (extra-thick)
-Candy (hard and chewy)
-Decoration plate (something sturdy and not prone to breakage)
-Butter knives (preferably plastic)
-Paper towels

1. Prepare your work area by clearing it of any unnecessary items. Have enough room for your kid(s) and the materials you will be using for this project. Having a camera handy will help because you'll want to snap a few photos for your photo albums.

2. Start by instructing the children on building the 4 walls of the houses using the frosting as mortar to join the sides together. You will then want to help the kids with the creation of the roof - two pieces joined at and angle will suffice. Ensure there is enough frosting so that the roof is stable enough to remain in place even after the kids stop supporting it with their fingers.

3. Spread frosting across the surface of all sides they wish to decorate with candy. Take care when applying the frosting as the frosting hasn't sat long enough to harden. One by one, slowly and carefully place candy pieces along the surface of the gingerbread house until you have completely covered the areas you applied with frosting.

4. So you don't want to go through the trouble of purchasing all the materials because you don't have the time or you simply don't have all the materials at home? No problem at all, you can find gingerbread kits at your local supermarket or convenience store. Sometime, the kits are on sale so for those of you who have more than one kid you will be doing this for it will be a great way to save money by purchasing them in bulk.

There are many things you can do to personalize each graham cracker house from coordinating the color or candy type used on the roof versus the walls. You can show your kids to build a fence with candy corn or plant green gummy candies to give the feel of greenery. Either way, you'll kids will love this project and it may even help you get rid of that left over Halloween candy, if you still have any. Happy Holidays!