Two Ways to Make a Glowing Flower

Learn how to make a glowing flower and your partner, family or friends. Here are a couple of different ways to make glowing flowers. For the first method you will also need an ultraviolet light. However, for the second method, the flower will glow in the dark after exposure to an ordinary bright light. Highlighter pens, glow paints and ultraviolet lights are all relatively cheap to buy online today.

For best results, start with a white, or pale colored, flower. White carnations are relatively cheap to buy and would work well. Alternatively, select flowers from your garden to keep the cost down. The flowers from a white rose-bush would work well for your glowing flower experiment.

                                White Carnation

Method One:

Saw the end off a fluorescent highlighter using a hacksaw. Take out the ink pad and squeeze the liquid into a glass nearly full of water. Cut the stem of the flower off at an angle using a sharp knife. Cut it so that the stem will reach to the bottom of the glass and leave the flower showing above the glass at the top. Usually, unless the glass or vase is very tall, about 5 inches of stem should remain on the flower. Place the flower in the glass of water mixed with the highlighter fluid. Leave the flower to soak up the liquid for around 24 hours. The flower will now glow under an ultraviolet light in a darkened room.

                               Ultraviolet Light(92448)        

Method Two:

Put some glow paint in a plastic disposable bowl. Next, hold the flower upside down. Dip the flower head in the glow paint, making sure to completely immerse the head below the paint. Lean the stem against the side of the bowl so that the head stays below the glow paint. Leave the flower in that position for around an hour. Take the flower out of the bowl and hold it over the bowl until it stops dripping. Whenever you want the flower to glow, hold it close to a bright light for a minute or two. The flower will now glow in the dark.


With several differently colored highlighter pens, or glow paints, you could create a bunch of multicolored glowing flowers.


You should not allow children to play with opened highlighter pens, sharp knives, glow paint or the glowing flowers themselves. Place the materials out of the reach of children and accompany them when you show them how the glowing flowers work.