Healthy Low Fat Ice-cream For The Nutrition Conscious.

Few people will be surprised to discover that one small serving of ice-cream can contain up to 500 calories and almost 20 grams of fat. As such, this most decadent of desserts is often off-limits to those who may have dietary restrictions, or simply wish to avoid such an unhealthy pudding. Fortunately, a delicious healthy ice-cream alternative can be created by replacing the cream, milk and sugar content with low-fat, low-calorie ingredients.  Although delicious, this version of healthy ice-cream does not freeze well, therefore, you will need to make this dessert as it is required. This should not be a problem however, as this delicious healthy ice-cream takes less than ten minutes to prepare.

Any frozen fruit may be used to create this healthy ice-cream , including berries, mango, bananas or apple, the possibilities are endless. In addition you can choose to use pre-packaged frozen fruit, or fruit that you have chopped into bite size pieces and frozen yourself. If you're feeling adventurous, you can combine a variety of your favourite fruits. Liqueurs, jam and marmalade are also included in this recipe and you should try to match the liqueur and jams with your chosen fruit. 

What You Will Need To Make Healthy Ice-Cream.



For this recipe you  do need an ice-cream maker, however, you will need a food processor. The quantities below will make approximately 1 pint of healthy ice-cream.


500 grams of frozen fruit.

2-3 tbsp of very low-fat fromage frais. (typically containing 1% fat)

2 tbsp of fruit jam or marmalade.

1 tbsp of liqueur (Cointreau, crème de peche or whatever you prefer)

1 tsp of vanilla extract.


To Prepare.

  • While the fruit is still frozen, place it into the bowl of a food processor and add 1 tablespoon of fromage frais, 1 tablespoon of jam or marmalade (which will depend on the fruit you are using) the liqueur and vanilla extract.


  • Switch the food processor on and begin to blend. Do not worry if the processor starts to rattle due to the frozen fruit pieces. This is usual, food processors are designed to crush ice, therefore, the frozen fruit will not damage the unit.


  • Add another tablespoon of fromage frais. Taste the mixture and add a little more jam  if the desired level of sweetness has not been reached. Continue to process until the mixture is creamy smooth and of ice-cream consistency, there should be no ice crystals. Add a little more fromage frais if desired.

Once the desired consistency has been achieved, spoon into bowls and decorate with fruit pieces. Serve the healthy ice-cream immediately and enjoy.