Making a simple sugar based "Champaign" at home is easy. What you need to do is save one or more used Champaign bottles and the original corks including the wire device that keeps the cork tied to the mouth of the bottle. It is a simple excercise in recycling. Wash the bottles and sterilize. It might not hurt first to wash them by hand and then finish them off in the dish washer. Rince well after using the dish washer because suds may remain in the bottle. Wash and rewash the cork and dry for later use.

The main thing you need to get is champaign yeast. You can find that by searching online or by going to a store that specializes in home brewing supplies. First try searching online to see if a beer brewers store is in your town or city or near by and then if not just order it online. Champaign yeast comes in sealed packets that do not cost very much. Each one is less than an once and will make a number of bottles of champaign because yeast multiplies. The beer store or the champaign yeast packet will come with variouis recipies for making champaign. The basics are to add the yeast to warm sugar water or juice and then to seal it in the bottle with the cork and the wire fastener. The yeast packet will tell you the proper temperature . The warm brew should be cooled down a bit before sealing in the bottle. Sugar water works just fine. You can add to this various flavors. Aromatic bitters or some juices can help. plain sugar water works very well getting a super bubble saturated alchoholic drink with out much trouble . It takes time for the brew to take on the qualities of champaign. A few days to a week. Again the champaign yeast sould come with directions. The bottle can be left at room temperature for the conversion process. The sugar water will become less sweet as the yeast consumes it in the fermentation process. If you add slightly less sugar that going all the way to super saturated you can achieve a drier version of champaign instead of sweeter. Once enough time has passed you put the bottle or bottles of your home made champaign in the refrigerator before opening and serving. If you have done it right there will be more bubbles and foam coming out of the bottle than you will experience with any beer. It could be a bit more sweet to taste than you like so remember when you try again just to add less sugar to begin with. The proper way to do it for safety purposes is to bring the juice or sugar water to a full boil and then cool it down to the right listed temeprature on the yiest packet and add less than the whole packet once it has cooled down . If you add the yeast to boiling or near boiling water you will kill it and it will not ferment. The same thing can possibly be done with other types of yeast from the home brew store including beer. It takes some experimentation and does not hurt to ask the brewer experts at the store if they have added printed directions to follow or advice to give you.

The taste of a simple sugar based champaign made at home can be better than you might expect. Beware the champaign yeast has a woodchip like texture that can remain as a residual when you are drinking it. The champaign yeast can also be used to make champaign breads that you home back. You can use less than the whole package of yeast even if the recipe on the package says to use it all because the yeast will multiply in the sugar water. It is possible once you expand your yeast population that you can add that to more additional bottles as seed yeast.

Things You Will Need

Champaign yeast

Champaign bottle , cork and wire champaign cook holder



flavors, juices.

Making your own champaign at home is a fun and enlightening experiment. You can make a very simple brew just to see how the stuff is made.

Tips & Warnings

Champaign bottles even with home brewed champaign in them can be dangerous because theyc an blow their tops. Never look at a champaign bottle cork . point the bottle away from you when working to dislodge the cork. If the champaign is flat when you go to pour it you have done something wrong and will need to re check the instructions and try again.