A Valentine's Gift Basket
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Everyone loves Valentine's day gifts. Your spouse loves receiving gift from you and guests at a Valentine's day party love gifts and party favors. Creating Valentine's baskets with gifts inside would be the perfect gift to give to your spouse. It would make great party favors for guests also. What's best about making homemade ones? You can use your creativity and put anything in a gift basket. This is perfect because everyone likes different gifts so you'll be able to personalize each basket to meet the needs of each person instead of buying one with a pre made assortment gifts inside.

The Gifts

First you need to think of gifts to include in each gift basket. Create a list of what each person likes. Everyone will like different things. Then you need to go buy the gifts. You could visit the mall and other shops for premium gifts but if you have a budget then you should go to dollar stores and other discount shops. To stick to your budget, buy cheaper items and create a budget for each person so that everyone gets a gift of equal value.

Gift Ideas

Some things to Include in a gift basket are:

  • A box of chocolates
  • Chocolate bars
  • Pieces of candy
  • Candy hearts
  • Cookies
  • Coffee mix
  • Coffee mugs
  • Valentine's day stickers
  • Valentine's day pencils
  • Stuffed animals (stuffed bears, etc.)
  • Valentine's cards (with scratch offs, money, gift cards, etc. inside)
  • Bottle of wine
  • Little toys & trinkets
  • Candles
  • Soaps
  • Fashion accessories
  • Valentine's day party hats
  • Party blowers/noise makers
  • Valentine's t-shirts
  • Valentine's socks
  • Valentine's Jewelery (bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc.)

Decorating The Baskets

You'll need a way to decorate the Valentine's gift baskets but before you decorate them you need to buy the baskets. You could buy them at a dollar store of you could buy them at a nicer store. When you decorate them, you could just buy tissue paper or wrapping paper. You should include a clear wrap to wrap them up with. To top it all off, you should add a holiday bow on the top. Buy the decorations in Valentine's colors such as red, white, pink, and purple. Also, if you have lots of gifts to fit in a basket, you should buy bigger baskets. If you don't want to use basket, another idea is to use a bucket to fill with gifts.

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