How To Make Instant Coffee

Most people think they know how to make instant coffee. But there are some tricks of the trade so to speak that can take instant coffee from just ho hum to outstanding. It's true that the instant coffee of today isn't exactly the instant coffee your grandma used to make and drink. You have a host of companies to thank from Folgers to Nescafe for turning up the aroma, taste and texture of today's instant coffee.

If you've ever wondered how to make instant coffee and the kind that tastes really delicious. Take a look at the steps below, where we will incorporate baking staples and other elements of drip and espresso coffee to make instant coffee your go to favorite every day or in a pinch when you can't make your own drip or head to your favorite coffee house.

Things You Will Need

1. instant coffee of your choice (right now mine is hands down Folgers). It's everything Choc' Full of Nuts wishes it was: bold, smooth, no aftertaste and aromatic.

2. a kettle to boil water.

3. a choice of a favorite spice: pumpkin, nutmeg or ginger.

4. a choice of a creamer: non-dairy, almond milk, half and half, milk or almond milk

5. a choice of sweetener: splenda, sugar, cane sugar, stevia etc.

Step 1

Boil your water, preferably with a kettle. It's important to bring your water to a full boil. This is to make sure that all of the instant coffee granules have dissolved and gives you the greatest punch of flavor particularly for darker roasted instant granule beans.

Step 2

Measure out one spoonful of instant coffee (or use the single serve packets available in your favorite choice) and place in your cup.

Step 3

Once the water has come to a boil, pour your hot water into your cup with the instant coffee in it.

Step 4

Add your sweetener of choice and stir and test for taste.

Step 5

Add your cream of choice: non-dairy creamer, soy milk, almond milk or half and half. If you're feeling ambitious, try your hand at warming up your soy milk, almond milk or half and half and then using a

Step 6

Pick your favorite spice and add for taste, note use sparingly, just a little goes a long way. Mix it up and maybe try a pumpkin spice if you're missing the holidays. Ginger and nutmeg are also great spices to experiment with in your instant coffee. So, if you've ever wondered how to make instant coffee, there you have it. Again you have today's instant coffee makers to thank for evolving from just ok to fantastic. Today's instant coffee brands are looking at some of top coffee houses and figuring out ways to bring the better coffee bean in to the coffee granule and in a way that doesn't compromise taste or aroma.

Tips & Warnings