Snowflake Ornament (31732)

Snowflakes are a beautiful icon for the season, especially when they're dangling on a Christmas tree. You can browse designs for making your own snowflakes on the web and find many. Some call for wine cork centers and spoke like designs, which certainly have some degree of appeal. But this elegant, jeweled snowflake measuring approximately three inches, is reminiscent of something you might see in Tiffany's window. Although you can purchase beautiful ready-made snowflakes, with these instructions you can make several at the hefty price you'd pay for just one in gift shops.

Things You Will Need

• 20 clear beads 4mm
• 16 small pearls 6mm
• 4 large pearls 5/8"
• 16" - 20" jewelry wire
• wire cutters
• round and flat nose pliers
• jewelry glue
• plastic canvas

Step 1

Plastic Canvas On the plastic canvas, count and mark off nine holes vertically and horizontally. This will give you a one-inch square. Your snowflake will be built on this piece of canvas, so check to see that you have the same number of holes across and down. The canvas will be trimmed later.

Step 2

Cut four pieces of wire, two measuring 3.5" long and two measuring 4.5" long.

Step 3

Closed Loop Create loops on the end of each wire. Using flat nose pliers bend the wire into a 45 degree angle. Secure the wire in a pair of round nose pliers at the point of the angle. With you finger, push the wire over the pliers to create the round shape. Cut off excess wire. Grab the loop with the flat nose pliers and pull the long wire until it is positioned directly underneath which will close the loop.

Step 4

Put the 4.5" wire through the following beads: clear bead, small pearl, large pearl, small pearl, clear bead.

Step 5

Thread Wire Through Canvas Weave the remaining wire into the mesh. Push it into the hole left of center, skip the center hole, then bring the wire out of the hole right of center. To avoid bending the wire, curve the canvas instead.

Step 6

Place beads on the remaining wire. Use the reverse order you used in step four, creating a mirror image of that wire. Finish this wire by making a loop after the last bead.

Step 7

Horizontal And Vertical Stems Follow steps four through six with the other 4.5" piece of wire. This wire will cross the first one at the center. This is the foundation for your snowflake. If either wire looks slightly crooked, you will have the opportunity to adjust it later.

Step 8

The two diagonal stems will be created with the 3.5" wire and woven in a similar way as the horizontal and vertical stems. Place beads on them in this order: clear bead, small pearl, clear bead, small pearl, clear bead. Put the wire through the canvas diagonally and thread on the rest of the beads in the same order. Create a loop at the end.

Step 9

Closely trim the canvas once all the stems are in place, using sharp scissors. Do not cut away, or cut into any squares supporting the stems. You will be left with a very small piece of canvas.

Step 10

Apply Glue On Canvas (31745) Apply E-6000 or other jewelry glue to the center of the canvas. A generous glob will secure the wires and the canvas. Position four small pearls or a large gem on the glue to hide the center canvas. When the glue is dry, do the same to the backside of the snowflake.

Step 11

Once all the glue is completely dry and all stems are solidly in place, you can adjust any stems that may not look perfectly straight.

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