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Invest in Real Estate

One of the biggest differences between wealthy people and the poor or middle class is that wealthy people make investments while poor and middle class people spend what they earn.

No matter what you earn, it is possible to cut back on frivolous spending and make investments. The safest and by far the best investments for people who are not wealthy yet would be real estate investments. Many people are afraid of investing in real estate because they think small and have been conditioned all their lives that owning property is only for the rich people and owning more than one piece of property is for the super rich, and they don't see themselves as big rich people, so they stay in their small apartment spending their money as quickly as they earn it.

One of the quickest ways of gaining great wealth is through real estate. Most Americans do not appreciate that one of the great opportunities that is available in this country is to accumulate great wealth through real estate investments. Other countries do not have the freedom to purchase property and gain wealth as in America.  This is why on political matters people guard their property rights so much. When politicians want to tax property owners or increase capital gains every American should fight against it whether they own property or not, because real estate is essentially the ticket for the poor and middle class to become the rich any time they wish to take advantage of it, and that is precious. A job won't make you rich, but real estate investments can.

A good way to begin property investments is to buy a two bedroom condo in as the best area you can afford, fix up the kitchen, and bathroom, and sell it. This is a good scenario for a first real estate investment. You may also want to rent it out for some time and then sell it for a larger and more expensive investment.

The ideal situation for anyone is to own your own home and own a multi unit property. This is something that is doable for just about any person with a job, let alone someone who is running their own business. The scenario I just mentioned is one that should be the bare minimum.

The Difference Between a Millionaire and The Middle Class

Your Attitude is Everything

Wouldn't it be nice to be making millions instead of punching a time clock? The truth is, everyone wants to make millions and live a life of comfort, but there is a very much wide-spread resentment of wealth these days that is actually unhealthy. It is unhealthy because our goal in life is to acheive as much as we can, and wealth is the foundation of all we can be. So the very first rule of making millions is going to have to be stop resenting people who have achieved your dream and start learning from them.

If you have hatred for wealthy people and you resent the comforts in which they live, you stand no chance of achieving wealth yourself because subconsciously you will always sabotage yourself from becoming an evil rich person.

The next attitude adjustment you need is to follow Donald Trump's advice and think big. What ever you may think of Trump and his marriages, reality shows and rich swaggering guy persona, he is a great man to learn from when it comes to making money. As someone who intends to make millions your attitude should always be one of willingness to learn from those who have achieved. Many poor people like to attack people like Donald Trump by saying that he made a bad deal here and there, and that his father was wealthy and therefore Donald Trump has no validity. The reality is that Donald Trump's father was nowhere near as rich as his son. He dabbled in real estate but on a small scale compared to what Donald does. It is a totally different ball game to collect rents than it is to develop blocks of 5th Avenue, and people who make the comparison reveal how truly little they know about the business of real estate. As far as making bad deals and bankruptcy, everyone who is successful has failures. There is no such thing as 100% success. The more chances you take the more failures you will have, and failures are great learning experiences. This is the attitude you need if you want to be successful. The result of Donald Trump's bad deals and bankruptcy's is that he has managed to overcome the failures and always ends up wealthier than he was before he got into trouble. That shows a man who has control of his finances.

As a student of making millions you should read about people like Donald Trump and listen to what he says about money.  I recall seeing Trump on a talk show in which he was asked what he would do if he had to start from scratch. Donald gave the most honest and straightforward answer possible. He said he would go to work for a marketing company and learn all he could. The audience was booing because they simple do not think like millionaires and could not comprehend was Trump was saying. I was a student of millionaires and I sat like a sponge waiting to absorb the wealth of information that Trump was letting us in on. I actually followed his advice, and it was solid advice.

If you understand enough about marketing, you can make millions.


No matter what you do for a living, if you want to make millions of dollars and achieve a level of wealth, you must start your own business. Punching a time clock for someone else can provide you with a comfortable status quo, but it cannot make you rich.

Market Your Expertise

ebooks, Social Media and Marketing

Social media and marketing are extremely important in your business. You can gain interest and clients from social media. Having a facebook fan page/business page for your business and or a twitter account in the name of your business should be considered. Depending on what your business actually is you may wish to start a blog. With a blog you stand to earn thousands every month provided you post frequent and engaging blog posts every day. You can earn money from blogs though advertisers such as AdSense and Amazon. Another way to make money is to market your expertise. If you are trained in a field that the general public has a use for, or if you have pursued hobbies that you can produce an ebook on, you may join the group of people who are earning six figures passively through their ebooks.