With all the expenses associated with going to college, it's no wonder that college students are widely famous for being perpetually broke. Well, if begging from the parents is not a viable income-producing option at the moment, then it's up to you to make ends meet. Here's a few great ideas on how to make money that you can use to beef up your bank account -- while you're still going to school:

Write Articles for Websites

If you are a decent writer and you're not too worried about producing the Great American novel, then you can make money by writing online content for websites. Webmasters are always looking for new articles about almost any topic that you can possibly think of. You can expect to be paid only a few cents per word, but after a while your earnings will start to really add up.

Bottle and Can Recycling

You can count on a gold mine waiting for you in practically every public trash can and dumpster. It's truly shocking how little the general public cares about recycling. Here's your chance to profit from their laziness -- five and ten cents at a time. Don't be surprised if you are able to afford to buy your entire next year's books simply by picking through trash cans.

Become a Handy Man or Woman

If you have a knack for setting things right when they go wrong, then that's a skill you can certainly convert to cash. Fixing things is a great way to keep things interesting, and it works on a flexible schedule too.

Become a Test Subject

There's always some sort of research being conducted on campus. Faculty and grad students alike need test subjects for experimentation purposes. You never know what sort of science you might encounter – but usually the compensation is good enough to give it a shot. Have a lot of experience with sleep deprivation? Here's your chance to finally make it pay off. What have you got to lose?

Become an Art Model

The art department on campus or a community arts program might be looking for life models for students enrolled in drawing classes. You don't always need to be naked to work as an art model, but clothed or not, don't be surprised if you discover that the work is harder than you might have imagined. It's not a good way to make money for the impatient or fidgety.