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Many of us have either seen the "we buy houses" and  "we buy UGLY houses" signs as we drive on the highway or on a busy street.  Today, there are even commercials on television advertising these "we buy houses" businesses.  They all really work in different ways even though the overall objective is to get homes for sale cheap and either flip it for a quick profit or rent it out for profit over time.  Well, this type of "we buy houses" business has become very, very lucrative.  So this is where the House Finder who looks for signs that a house if for sale either by looking in the newspaper, word of mouth, walking and driving around the neighborhood, or purposely taking trips to search for "house for sale" signs.


So What Does A House Finder Do?

House finders, essentially finds homes with specific characteristics that the buyer is looking for.  These characteristics could be people on the brink of foreclosure, abandoned properties, properties where the owner lives out of state and the property may look as if it is not being taken care of, houses behind on city or state taxes, and for sale by owner signs.  These specific requirements brings forth specific kinds of sellers.  These sellers are "motivated" to sell and thus the buyer can get the homes dirt cheap and turn around and flip them for a profit.


For Sale By Owner Sign

How Much Can I Make As A House Finder?

Home finders typically get a finder's fee depending on whether or not you have met the specifications outlined by the buyer.  Finders fees can range anywhere from $25 to $1000 depending on what your agreement states.  You may have a written agreement with a buyer if you do business with this buyer often or you may do it with a verbal agreement.  It is always wise to get a written agreement even if your contact with a particular buyer is only one time.  You are in business for yourself, and you need to have accurate records for taxes and if legal issues arise. There have been advertisements saying that House Finders can make $3000 to $15,000 per month looking for houses for sale or finding specific types of houses even if they don't have a for sale sign for your buyers. Some finders who negotiate a percentage fee after the property is sold, can get paid higher profits.


Do I Need Any License To Be A Home Finder?

You don't need any specific licensing to become a House Finder.  Remember, you are just finding houses.  So your job is 90 percent research and the other 10 percent is travel time and writing down information for your clients.  The only license you need is the one required by your state in order to do business in your state.  Check with your state office about the proper procedure for starting a business in your state. 


Is There Any Material I Can Read About Finding Houses For A Living

House Finders have been around for a while, just about as long as the "we buy houses" market. However, not many people write about it.  It is a simple job that can pay really well when you get the right contacts and clients.  To understand more about the House Finders jobs, you can read more about the "we buy houses" market.  Understanding how their job works, will help you understand the House Finder's job much better. "We Buy Houses-Real Estate Investing With A Revelationary Edge" is a good book to get you familiar with the "we buy houses" market. You can get this book from Amazon.


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So How Do I Get Started?

First you should set yourself up as a legitimate business.  Think of your business name, register your business and get business cards printed up. gives you low cost or free business cards. Make sure you have a computer, even a small one, a dedicated phone line (a cell phone will also work), and a space where you work. 

Then you start looking for potential clients by going through your newspaper or riding through your neighborhood looking for "we buy houses" or "we buy UGLY houses" signs. Copy the business's contact numbers.  Call them and tell and find out whether or not the need House Finders.  Call a few of them because you can work jobs simultaneously. 

You can continue to practice finding homes that are perfect for the "we buy houses" market buy looking for the tell tale signs whenever you are out.  Abandoned properties, people moving out of a house or a rental house, for sale and for sale by owner signs and so forth.  Your research may include going to the city hall to look up records, calling family and friends to find ownership in case of abandoned properties or owners who live out of state.  So if you like to find things, do skip tracing, help people and make some money-you may do good as a House Finder for the "w buy houses" market.


Chances For Advancement As A House Finder?

There are several places you can go if you want to advance your career.  You can go to school and get your Real Estate license and become a realtor. broker or an Agent. You can become a skip tracer professionally where you help find missing property or missing people.  Often, when you find property that has been abandoned or the owner lives out of state or even out of the country, it takes some really great skip-tracing skills to find these people.  Those skip-tracing skills can help you branch out into other professions that a similar to house finding. You can also start your own "we buy houses" company and make the same good money your clients have been making buying houses cheap, flipping them or renting them out for a huge profit.

You can make great money finding houses for a living, it take dedication, drive and very little money to start up.  If you live in a area that has been devastated by the 2008 housing market plunge, that is a good place to start.  You have owners of homes who would otherwise have to walk away from their homes because they can no longer afford the payments, ruining their credit and leaving the house abandoned.  These people are prime and what is called "motivated sellers" for the "we buy houses"  industry.



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