If you are a freelance photographer and you want to earn residual income for pursuing your hobby hear are some valuable tips on how to make money as a photographer. Shopping around a splashy photography portfolio isn't the only one way to help you make money with your photography skills. There are numerous professional stock photo and image companies online where you can submit your best photos and earn money from buyers who either buy your individual photos or bundles of stock photos the online stock photo companies offer for sale.

Many to choose from

Getting accounts with these stock photo companies is free and you can work with as many as you like. However, if you plan to submit the same photos to any of them, you'll want to ask your particular companies first, to see if this is allowed. Or refer to each company's submission rules.

 Provide quality

Make sure your digital photos are at least 300 resolution. When you're taking photos it's important to remember your subject should be well lit whether shooting outdoors or using your camera indoors. One major lighting tip to remember is to have your lighting source behind both you and your subject to avoid creating that "glare" effect. Also you want to make sure any photos you submit to stock photo and image companies are clear, free of fuzziness and don't have motion blurring unless they are an intended.

How to make money by supplying the demand

Often photographers who stand to make the most money are the ones who take photos of the most sought after subject matter.   Some of these "high demand" subjects are:

1. images of professionals and related subjects

2. medical equipment and medicine

3. doctors and nurses

4. office professionals, offices, meetings and meeting rooms, professionals in cafe type settings, at the computer, etc

5. sports players, sport equipment and gear

6. beautiful young people, especially smiling are always in big demand

7. attractive middle aged and older people, especially professionals

8. "Lifestyle" photos of people living well

Seasonal opportunities

Another subject group you'll want to take advantage of are the seasons and holidays. Taking photos of seasonal items, seasonal changes and holiday related objects, offers you a terrific chance to grab some of the profits made during times when they're marketed. Your best strategy would be to upload your photos photos at least a month in advance of the specific event/season and label your photos with relevant, descriptive titles. This will help people find your seasonal photos. Also, if your particular shock photo company provides separate tag usage for each photo or group of photos, get in as many as you can as this also helps people find your work.

Having the right camera

Whether you have a traditional camera or a digital camera you need to make sure it has a fast shutter speed. The faster the shutter speed, the better, especially when taking photos of people and/or animals. And if you've got a digital camera you want it to have upwards of 8.3 mega pixels and again, make sure to have it set to shoot pictures with a professional 300 resolution.

Learning how to make money online as a photographer is a great way to "beat" the top competitors out there and manage to get your foot in the door by reaching a wider,  more global audience. In addition to the stock photo options you might also want to look into supplying photos to online magazines and popular blogs.    Also, be sure to continuously update your social accounts (your facebook photo gallery and personal blogs for example) with your latest work to create greater awareness toward your photography endeavors for even more opportunity potential.