Many people today are strapped for cash and are desperate to earn income online. They mistakenly believe that if they find a product in a niche they are passionate about and find a product that matches their interest it is just a simple matter of promoting it and the cash will instantly appear in their bank account.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact there are so many get-rich-quick online schemes today that it is nearly impossible to find one that actually will generate any money at all except for the person selling his or her product. It is easy to be fooled.

Long gone are the days when you could trust anyone online to be telling the truth about their next best super sensational make money program. No, you have to use due diligence and examine everything about what you’re about to sink your hard-earned money into. After all, you are looking to make money online not spend all that remains in your bank account.

Marketers today are skilled professionals and use many psychological tricks to get you hooked. Then, after they’ve hooked you and draw you into their little scheme they’ll ask for more and more money on an upsell program that you generally just can’t resist. Before you know it that little $17.00 purchase has become a $97.00 purchase and they haven’t even told you fully what it is.

There is one area however that you can trust and that is researching, creating and publishing online, digitally delivered e-books. One source for this is especially lucrative and that is Amazon’s new platform called KDP or Kindle Digital Publishing. Here you can write original content, save it in PDF format and upload it to their FREE publishing program and within 24-48 hours your digital book will be available to over 350 million subscribers.

Enrolling in Amazon’s publishing program is easy and best of all free. It takes perhaps 10 minutes to complete all of the required information and you’re on your way to becoming a published author. The instructions provided by Amazon are clearly written and easy to understand. The best part of the entire thing is that once you’ve published your e-book Amazon does 75% of the selling for you. Once someone finds your book and buys it (or at least puts it into their shopping cart) Amazon will continue to contact them with further writings relating to the topic they’ve expressed an interest in. If they decide to leave the site without making a purchase of your book Amazon sends them an e-mail within 24 hours and reminds them that they have not checked out and a “would you like to purchase this now?” reminder is offered to them. Most times the prospective buyer will buy your book right then. It really is a win-win situation for both you as the author and Amazon.

Amazon now sells more books in digital format than they do in hard cover and they expect this to increase as time goes on. With the advent of tablet type computers and e-book readers like the new Kindle Fire they need content. If you’ve written something original they’ll publish it without question.

Will you earn a fortune overnight with this? No, you won’t. But in time, as you continue to publish little e-books, your income will grow each month and becomes a residual income that once published will never end. You simply broadcast to your Facebook friends, twitter followers and e-mail subscribers and then sit back and watch the money begin to trickle and then rush in. Each month you’ll receive a check or direct deposit into your bank account.

Who knows you might just become the next bestselling author on Amazon. It has to happen to someone. It might as well be you, right?