Selling Products

The first thing you can sell at the beach are tangible products. These are things from food and drinks to souvenirs and homemade crafts. Some of these things include:

  • Water bottles & other drinks: Water bottles are one of the products that sell on the beach for a high profit margin. Water bottles also have a high demand because people get thirsty and will pay to get a drink at their convenience. You will be able to buy a package of 24 water bottles at a grocery store or convenience store for around $5 then be able to get $1-2 a piece when selling them to people. You can expect to make around 80-90% pure profit even after buying ice to keep the drinks cool.
  • Packaged snacks: Packaged snacks can also make you good money. These can include candy bars, chips, cookies, ice Cream etc. Buying large quantities of packaged snacks from wholesale (Bj's Wholesale Club, Sam's Club, Costco, etc.) will earn you a higher profit margin then buying from retail stores. These items can usually be sold for around $1 a piece and tourists will pay because they will get hungry and pay for convenient and quick food.
  • Shark tooth necklaces: All you need is a shark tooth and some string and they will sell for around $10 a piece. First you will need to find shark teeth. Then all you have to do is drill a small hole into the shark tooth, attach string, and sell it. It is a very easy and fun craft to make for those who like making crafts.
  • Seashell necklaces & bracelets: These are an easy craft to make as well. All you need is to collect a bunch of seashells. Then you need to drill some holes in each seashell (the hardest part), then you attach the string and can sell these. These are good because seashells are found almost anywhere on the beach.
  • Sunscreen, towels & beach toys: There are many last-minute, unorganized tourists who forget to pack simple necessities such as those listed above. Sunscreen is a common thing people forget but need to keep from getting sunburnt. Many tourists forget to pack towels and there are many tourists who forget to pack beach toys for their kids. The kids will want beach toys so they will beg their parents to buy them. The product basically sells itself.


Have you ever wanted to make money without a job. Wether you love going to the beach or are a teenager looking for some extra cash this summer then selling things at the beach might be the job for you. Finding a job is hard in this economy and working at one is very stressful. Working at a beach provides you with a great atmosphere and fun clients.

Making Money With Creativity

No one said you had to sell a product to tourists. Why not use your creativity and sell services or artistic products to customers.

  • Playing an instrument: Play an instrument in a popular place to get money from tips. If people get mad and want peace and quiet, than move to a different place or a place with fewer people.
  • Drawing/painting: The beach is a perfect place for artists. Artists have two options.  They can paint pictures of the beach landscape and sell the paintings for money. Artists can also offer draw pictures of tourists for money. All you need to do is draw the tourists faces with a little background landscape.
  • Photography: Photos of beach landscape and wildlife can sell for good money depending on the pictures quality. A picture of a beach animal or nice sunset will sell well.
  • Surfing/swimming lessons: If you are good at surfing or swimming you could offer surfing lessons to customers. There are many people who don't know how to surf. Believe it or not, there are also some people who don't know how to swim either so swimming lessons could also be a way to make money.

Renting Out Beach Chairs and Umbrellas

All of the ways above are great ways to make money, but there is an easier way to make money. That is, renting out beach chairs and umbrellas. Many tourists will pay a high price to reserve two beach chairs and an umbrella instead of packing their own and lugging in to the beach. Tourists will pay around $25 for two beach chairs and an umbrella. This is an easy investment that pays for itself In only a few days. The unfortunate part is that many beaches don't allow this as they rent out beach chairs and umbrellas themselves. Check the beach laws to see if this is allowable.

Renting Out Parking Spaces

You can make money off the beach also. If you have some extra space in your yard or an empty plot of land you can make good money off renting out your yard for parking spaces. This won't work for all locations, because some places have enough parking or free parking for the beach. If you have the space you can make $5, $10, $20, or more for renting out parking spaces. It depends on supply and demand. A good thing to do is to wait until all the competitors parking spaces are full, then charge a lot of money because tourists are crazy enough to pay high prices to park their car on your land for a day.

Using A Metal Detector

Loose change, Jewelery, watches, earnings, and other valuable items could be found with a metal detector. Under the sand, there could be something valuable waiting. Don't expect to find gold and become rich though. Next time you go for a stroll on the beach, bring a metal detector along and search for things.


  • Before selling products check out local laws. You may need a peddlers/vendors license and a sales tax ID.
  • Try to keep your prices in dollars. This will make it easier so you do not have to make small change and carry around small change.
  • Check beach laws to see if you're allowed to sell on the beach
  • Never force someone to buy a product or service if they don't want to.
  • Buy a cooler and ice to keep drinks cool.
  • Buy a beach cart to make carrying things easier.
  • Buy products in large quantities at wholesale clubs to get discounts.
  • Plan for a rainy day, not everyday will be sunny.
  • Your income will change day by day. You'll have your good and bad days.
  • Don't depend on this as a source of income. In some places, the beach is only a good way to make money during the summer. Until you know how much you make on a daily basis don't quit your job.