Curb painting is an easy small business to start either part-time or full-time. It makes an excellent, work from home, weekend money maker because it is a face to face service that is recommended by many local police, fire and EMS services. The reasoning for a homeowner to have their house address stenciled on the front curb is that in an emergency first responders can find them more easily. This is a good sales point to make when promoting this small business. Most of your prospects will see the benefits and gladly pay your $10. fee.

Let's start with promoting your new curb painting small business. I always start by having 500 fliers describing the benefits of this service printed at Kinko's. I research the web for examples of effective curb painting fliers and shamelessly mimic them. I then choose a neighborhood with lots of standard height curbs (6 inches) to distribute the fliers. About 50-60 because you will be returning later to properties where no one was home. If you see an occupant in their yard, simply hand them your flier and tell them you are painting house numbers on curbs, hand them a flier, point out the benefits and tell them they are next.

Let's back up a bit and talk about the stencils for your curb painting small business. You can make the background template of either card board, the least desirable or plastic which will last longer. Most backgrounds are either black with white numbers or white background with black numbers. It's your choice. Just be sure to use reflective Krylon fast drying spray paints. The background color should be rectangular about 5 inches high and wide enough to fit at least 5 numerals.

The alpha-numerical stencils are about 3 inches high and come in cardboard (won't last long), plastic which is much better and metal (brass) interlocking numbers and letters are the very best if they fit your budget. Before you paint any ones curb you must first practice, practice, practice. You don't want angry customers because you ruined their curb with sloppy work. Practice the entire process on old newspapers, cardboard, or cinder block until you have perfect results. Now you are ready to start making money in your curb painting small business.

First step is to create a attention grabbing flier. Research the web for the best examples, then shamelessly mimic the ones you like most. Mention in the flier that first responders recommend that address numbers be boldly displayed on the curb because seconds count in an emergency. Next choose a good neighborhood to distribute your fliers. Hang them on mail boxes, in doorways and talk to prospects who are home. Come back later to see those who were out during your first canvass. That's about all there is to it. Good luck and happy hunting.

Last but not least check with you local municipality to see if you need a permit to paint curbs or canvass door to door. Some do and others don't require a permit. A phone call will clear up the question and you can act accordingly. Remember, nothing beats a failure like a try.