I am going to show you how to set up PPC campaigns to promote ClickBank products and make a lot of money. The whole process is easy, you build a campaign around a ClickBank product and create an easy website (landing page). Visitors are clicking your ads come to your site. Then you have a nice and little pre-sell. You “warm-up” the visitor in order to improve the conversions rate. The visitor clicks on your affiliate link and is directed to the product. There he/she reads the sales page and buys the product. Bam! You have just made a commission. Easy as that if you follow this guide.

Before going further, let me explain a couple things here:

First, PPC (Pay per Click) is an advertising model which is used in order to get people visiting your website without organic search engine traffic. In fact, you won’t have to build backlinks or implant complicated SEO strategies to get visitors. It’s time consuming ranking in big search engines like Google or Yahoo. PPC is the lazy way, but it’s full of risk indeed. Don’t be worry. I’m going to minimize the risk in this article. It takes less time than other methods and you can concentrate on your campaigns.

Second, ClickBank is a big affiliate network used by thousands of peoples over the world. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re in USA, China, Europe, or somewhere else. Signup is free. If you aren’t familiar with ClickBank yet, you can Google to find information. ClickBank does pay with checks every two weeks. It may take some time to receive the check, but they never failed.

How To Make Money Easily with ClickBank and BidVertiser

Setting Up the Advertising Account

You have probably heard about Google Adwords or Adsense, the big advertising network for online ads. There are some others like Microsoft’s MSN AdCenter or Yahoo Advertising. However, there is lots of competition with these PPC networks. Most of the people use Google Adwords and loose more money overnight than they have earned from the internet over the years.

Our advertising network is called BidVertiser. They offer targeted traffic for low cost. They are not as big as Google, but it has many advantages. BidVertiser do not require any initial deposit. They even give you $20 in advertising for free if you sign up there.

Okay, now you have both accounts, a ClickBank and a BidVertiser.

Pick a Product to Promote

Now, we are going to pick a ClickBank product which we use to set up in our campaign. Login to your ClickBank account and go the ClickBank marketplace.

You want targeted traffic from BidVertiser, but the traffic is cheap and it’s not often as targeted as you might think. So, you are going to choose a product that might be interesting for any visitor who comes to your site. For example, if you choose “how to train a dog”, it’s better to advertise with Google Adwords, because they have the best quality of the traffic.

You can concentrate on the “money making” niche and “business/investing”. You can also find products for your campaigns in the following categories: “computer/internet,” “e-business/e-marketing,” “employment & jobs,” and “health and fitness.”

For your choice, it is important to promote a product with an average sale between $20 and above. I do only use products with gravity between 20 and more, because it shows you that the sales page does convert and generate sales. If you choose a product with a gravity of 500, you wouldn’t have a chance to get good positions with Google Adwords because of the competitions.

Build a Landing Page

Landing pages are helpful in getting more sales, but very annoying to build. Most people fail with or without landing pages. If you don’t know how to build them, landing pages can decrease your conversions or even destroy your campaign at all. It’s not easy to finish a great landing page. Make sure to write a catchy headline and exciting story.

If you can handle and edit them the right way, it’s perfectly fine. When you finished your landing page, you have to be confident with the work. If you’re unable to handle it by yourself, I suggest you to outsource this task to someone else. You can find good freelancer at sites like elance.com or odesk.com.

Next, you will upload the landing page to your web hosting. I personally suggest you to buy your own domain name and web hosting to put your landing page there.

Now, you’ve build your landing page and hopefully it’s running well.

Setting Up BidVertiser Campaign

If you haven’t funded your account with some money, you can go to “Manage Funds” and add some money via PayPal. It will directly go into your account without having to wait a longer time.

Then you’re going to click on “Ads Center” and “Add New Ad.” Click on “Text Ad” and you will get to the page where you have to select your categories. As you have decided which product you want to promote previously, you should know which categories you have to choose. When you’re finish, click on “Done Selecting.”

Next, you will have to put a number of keywords into the BidVertiser keyword list. As the traffic from BidVertiser is less targeted than the traffic from Google, you don’t have to spend too much time doing keyword research.

Don’t get shocked with the high average bid range. Set your bids to around $0.05 to $0.15 per click. However, if you find that your campaign was profitable, you can increase your bid. Please note that if you set the maximum bid to $0.4, the clicks will cost you $0.04.

Last But Not Least

When your campaign is approved (usually around 1-2 days), your ads will go live. You will receive visitors to your site and you can change your maximum click bids while the ads are live. Track your campaign and make sure that you spend your money wisely.

If i get 300 visitors to a product, I can expect one sale from each product and make $30 from the affiliate commission. As the click price is only $0.05, I have to spend $15 for advertising: Profit $15. When I set up 10 profitable campaigns on this method, I can make $150 profit alone from these little thoughts. This is much money for little work.

Good luck!