How to make money blogging

belief -o-meter

It starts by believing you can

Most prefer to make money while they sit on the couch, eating chips, typing about their hobbies, & drinking their favorite beverage. It's completely possible to make money & even a full-time income from blogging. Some say they "Have nothing to blog about" while others have tried again and failed because they didn't know the basics. Well I'm going to tell you that it is absolutely 100% possible to make money from blogging and that everybody & anybody can do it for free and I am also going to tell you the basics & go into detail about it.

I am sure that you all know of what a blog is (you are reading one right now), I bet that some of you have even heard of other people making money from blogging. So if you want to do what others like jcmayer777 & skeffling have done and generate thousands of dollars in passive income monthly from blogging then you must ask yourself a few important questions like;

Could you spend/make spare time writing, editing, and publishing blogs?
Are you dedicated, motivated & passionate about writing?
Can you post blogs on a consistant basis?

If you answered  yes to all three questions then you are already ahead of the game and are on your way to becoming the next popular blog website

Belief has to be built, in order to build your fortune.

Belief is the foundation to success.

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How to find your niche

target your niche

Step; 1 Find your niche or passion.

Dont pick a subject to blog about just because it's a popular keyword. You probably know more about something your interested in.
 Don't just start blogging about something that you don't know the first thing about! 

The more information you know, the more content you can write and more content means more traffic whic means more money.

Knowledge = money = power.

Brain storming a blog idea is sometimes difficult but a quick and useful solution is to go to somebody elses blog website with the same interest as you and read some of their articles, This should help you brainstorm an idea 1000% faster. Do not copy any of the words that you read because you will get lower traffic & nobody likes copycats, create your own work be creative and capture your audience's attention.

  Blogging takes work and consideration, you will need to edit your articles over and over until it looks just right after all, Its your website and your blog, And anything that you publish is going to be on the internet forever, Also im a bit of a perfectionist, So I edited this blog alone at least 10 times before I finally published it.

  A niche it is a subject that you like or know a lot about (basket ball, computers, engineering, politics ect...) so that you can share your abundance of information with the world.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. All you need is a computer with internet access and some motivation to be productive online!
  If you have those three things, You, That's right YOU can make money from blogging!


How to get your blog hosted for free


which blog domain to use
step 2 - You need a domain

So now I bet you think your ready to start writing your own blog, right? But wait! where to start?

Infobarrel: (Click Here to sign up for infobarrel)

Infobarrel is by far the most fair, easy to use, & automated blogging platform that exists. (IMO)

You get to keep 75% - 90% of all the revenue created from the ads on your blog, most sites only let you keep 50%, when I do the math I consider that the 10% - 25% Infobarrel takes away is used to keep our blogs online, pay their workers, and keep their SEO Ranks high in google.
All in all its more than fair, they take care of all the technical details and I just write.

Alternatively you can learn the complicated technical details in setting up ftp servers and so forth, You can always get a domain name from godaddy & link it with word-press to receive 100% revenue.




Want 100% adsense revenue to yourself?

learn to use wordpress & become sole proprietor

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How to monetize your blog

how to monetize your blog

Step 3 - Monetize

Clickbank is a great place for bloggers to make money all you need to do is find a product that would fit naturally into your article. If you can sell that product then clickbank will give you a cut of the product every time its sold, Sometimes it can be as high as 75%!
You can even blog about the product but remember to keep the viewers interested do not do it if your only motivation is profit.

Adsense is run by google & links to your Gmail account, Its important to link your Adsense account to your infobarrel account since Adsense is the main source of income when blogging. Adsense just throws out ads that are related to the keywords in the article in hopes they catch someone that's interested.

Amazon associates is the next top money generator, Try to fit a product in your ad every 400 words. Alternatively you can plan to write your blog as a product review, If you target the right customers you can make some good consistent profit. You get %4-8% commission of each amazon sale & you get commission of whatever they buy that session.


Find as many streams of income as possible

How to get traffic to your blog

How to generate traffic

how to generate blog traffic
Step 4 - traffic, traffic, traffic!

 One technique is to go to your social networking websites and post links to your blogs there because you might be surprised how many of your friends would actually take the time to read, like & share what you have to say. Interact with anyone who leaves a comment and make them want to come back for more. is a new a cool website where people will do just about anything for $5. For us it means that we can get something like 1000-5000 likes on an article for $5. You can find people to SEO tweak your article's for $5


Traffic is the life-blood of your blog

How to be consistent

How to be patient

consistently post blogs

Step 5 - Patience & consistency

If you stick at this then you wont need to work ever again, its best to commit to a 5 year plan & 1 add a day you would be making $5000 a month easily. The best part is you could stop there & choose to retire if you want! The money will continue to generate from your blog until you die! As long as you posted quality content you will be compensated a life-time.

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