After one of your electronic devices breaks that you spent a lot of money on, you probably feel very upset. Now, that favorite camera, or monitor is just a really expensive paper weight. Before you throw it out try recycling it. Electronic equipment can fetch quite a bit of money on the recycling circuit.

Things You Will Need

1.) A broken electronic device. 2.) Mode of transportation 3.) Initiative to find a recycling center.

Step 1

I will use a broken computer monitor as an example. After your monitor has broken, don't throw it out. Go to your local phonebook, or better yet the internet, and look up a recycling center. Some recycling centers may only accept certain materials, such as aluminum cans. However, other recycling centers will accept all sorts of things. An important component in many electronics is gold. Gold is an excellent conductor that does not easily over-heat. As a result, gold it found in many computer devices. You would be surprised have is sitting in your old laptop. A broken monitor still contains a lot of metal and plastic, but may only fetch you about $10. Computer hardware, such as old laptops, could get you as much as $30 or more for the gold in it. When your laptop or monitor dies, it is a terrible day. Instead of being outrageously angry, think about the bright side--that piece of trash is worth more than garbage. Not only will you make money recycling, but you will also be helping the planet. The planet and you both win.

Tips & Warnings