Novelty gag gifts can be great fun to give as well as receive, but they can also be used to make money online - read on to find out how...

You can be sure that novelty gag gifts can be a money maker, because it's a market that meets the 3 basic requirements of a viable market -
1. It has people searching for that exact phrase online.
2. It does not have too much competition.
3. People are spending money to advertise in that market.

You can find all that out for free by using tools supplied by Google. Their keywords tool will tell you how many people search for novelty gag gifts every month. As I write this, the figure is around the 500 mark.

That may not be huge, but remember that is for that phrase exactly, so you know what they are expecting to find when they type that search.
Then by typing that same phrase into Google yourself, you can see how many competing results there are.
Again as I write this article it stands at around 600,000.

Lots of marketers will tell you that is too high a figure, but read on to find out why it is not too high..!

When I last looked there was an article in the top 10 results, which means you can do the same to generate free traffic (always a good thing!) When you are researching any market, seeing an article on the first page of results is always an encouraging sign.

Also on that results page, you'll see that down the right hand side there are adverts. These are paid adverts, and the presence of paid adverts generally means those advertisers are making money.
I say 'generally', because despite what some internet marketers say, the presence of those ads does not *necessarily* mean profits are being made, but you can be sure that no adverts mean no profit potential!

So now you know that the adverts are there, and the demand is there, you can take advantage of the two by simply writing about novelty gag gifts. This can be a review of particular gifts, or certain sites - maybe you could specialise into smaller niches, say golf gag gifts for example.
You can use the article on your own site, or revenue sharing sites, and put those same adverts you saw before around your article. Then when people click on any ad, you get paid a commission from Google.

This is one of the simplest ways of making money online, and with the lowest cost outlay. In fact it can all be done totally for free.
So you can see, it's a fairly simple process to make money online from novelty gag gifts.