I love watching sport, and I love it even more knowing that I can make money from it. The NFL is a great sport to use, it throws up profit possibilities every week, and week 13 of the 2010 season was no exception - read on to find out how to use it to make money...

I live in the UK, and here we can see the live Sunday night game - I try to use that particular game to generate a money making idea, but as they show highlights from the whole schedule of games, I can use these other games too. The week 13 Sunday game featured the Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens - it's a game with a fierce rivalry and lots of history, and the history of sport is a great money maker. Fans have a seemingly insatiable appetite for products, whether it's replica jerseys, fan merchandise, or books.

I've had good success promoting jerseys and helmets, and the Steelers in particular have good products. They wear a throwback helmet now and again which is bright yellow as opposed to their normal black helmet, and this yellow helmet will make you stand out if you are a Steeler fan. They also have what's known as the 'terrible towel' - a yellow towel that the fans wave. It's a great sight to see at games, and a good product to sell, they even do a pink one for the ladies!

What you can do is set yourself up as an affiliate for these products, which means you don't need to set up any sites or hold stock, you simply send traffic to the sites that do sell them, and software logs this traffic. If anyone buys, you get paid a commission, and they can really add up!

I mentioned the highlights earlier, and I was immediately caught by the Green Bay Packers, who were wearing throwback retro uniforms. The uniforms were a tribute to what they wore in 1929, a kind of olive green jersey - great to have if you are a fan. One of the reasons for the whole throwback line of uniforms is the merchandise profit for the NFL, so why not grab a share yourself? The NFL site itself has an affiliate prorgamme, which does not cost anything to join. You can then promote it with free traffic generation, so the whole procedure need not cost you anything - what a great business model for making money!

Going back to the Steelers versus Ravens game, both teams have a reputation for so called 'smashmouth' football, playing very hard, and early on in the game, the Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roeslithberger caught a fist to the face, resulting in a spectacular broken nose - how about using that story to promote plastic surgery or a stop snoring product!

There was also a huge hit on another player, and with the rise of video sites, it's not long before these highlights are online. You can then legitimately take these videos and use them on your site, maybe a free blog, which in turn generates the traffic, an essential part of the money making process.

So, the products are there, the fans are there who want to buy the products, and the content is there to bring the fans and products together - you can see why I love using sport, and in particular the NFL week 13 to make money!