Craigslist is a powerful tool. It is used to do everything from selling unwanted stuff to finding a place to live or even to find a new career. For those people who have the skills and the knowledge, it is used to make an extra income or even a full living, buying and reselling items.

Buying low and selling high is the name of the game. Making money by reselling is easy to understand. You find an item that is listed for lower than it is worth (or you negotiate with the seller until it is) and you buy it. Once you have the item, you sell it for its market value and make money from the profit. The question is what items should you sell to make that money?

1. Smartphones With a Bad ESN or a Cracked Screen

This is the big one. Smartphones with bad ESNs and cracked screens still have a lot of value. Just look at the eBay listings for an Iphone 4s with a bad ESN. People who have these types of phones usually want to get rid of them quickly so they can buy a new one and are not aware of how much their broken phones are worth. Smartphones are popular, can be found no matter where you live and are easy to store and ship. Buy them on Craigslist and resell them on eBay.

2. Regular Smartphones

Fully functional smartphones can also be bought for profit. Similar to broken phones many smartphone users simply want to get rid of the phone because they upgraded to a newer version or switched carriers. They don't want to worry about getting the best price or doing a good job listing it. Search around for lower prices or offer low prices on ads you see that are not written well and/or have no picture. Regular buyers usually ignore these ads, so your low offer is more likely to be accepted. Focus on Iphones and Samsung Smartphones as they are in high demand.

3. Video Game Lots

When people sell their video game collection they commonly list a huge lot that includes the console, games and accessories. They do not want to take the time to properly value each part of the collection or sell it piecemeal. You can take advantage of this by buying the lot and selling the pieces for a profit. This can work with any system but you can find especially good deals on Nintendo 64 and Gamecube Lots. These still have an almost cult following and games like Super Smash Brothers, Legend of Zelda and anything with Mario in the title sell for a good bit of cash. Research what the games are worth, find a lot with a good price, buy it and resell the pieces for a profit.

4. Washing Machines And Dryers

Washing machines and dryers are big, heavy and common in most households. When they break you want them out of your house and if you need one you need one ASAP. If you have the capacity to haul these (aka a truck or large van and a dolley) you can take advantage of both these facts and make a profit. People who sell their washing machines want to get rid of the huge eyesore quickly, so deals can be found. In addition, not everyone can pick up and haul a washing machine away fast so you will find you have less competition. Being able to deliver a washing machine or dryer to your buyer will also usually raise the price the buyer is willing to pay. Reselling these is not for everyone but if you have tools and ability a lot of money can be made. This man has done it already.

5. Cars Under $10,000

This item is usually where many serious resellers end up. I would recommend getting your feet wet before trying to resell cars as there are more legalities involved, more knowledge needed and more risk due the higher price tags if you buy a lemon. That said, cars under $10,000 are a great money maker. A car is something most Americans own and it is also one their biggest assets. This means when they need a lot of money fast it is an easy asset to sell. Cars under $10,000 are also a big market for those who want to buy the car outright with cash and so are easier to sell than those with higher price tags. If you have the expertise to know what you are buying and how much it will take to fix any problems, you can make thousands. Find good deals by looking for people trying to sell the car quickly or with a poor looking ad, fix the car, clean it, take good pictures and profit.

Happy Hunting!